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Free Webinars Help Provide Answers Regarding Health Insurance and Medicare


The start of 2021 finds itself riddled with questions as we try to catch up to what’s going on in our country. Investors with years of experience don’t even know what to do right now as stocks like AMC Theaters and GameStop are dominating the headlines and cryptocurrency has banks and governments rethinking their stances on whether to accept the digital currency or not. 2021 was supposed to be a year where we marched back towards normalcy, but the deeper into the year we go, the more we start to realize that we must adjust to a new norm. One area that’s becoming very clear is healthcare, primarily health insurance.

Healthcare Chaos

Loss of jobs, hikes in health insurance costs, questions about what is actually covered and more options have created so many questions. Imagine someone who worked in the cruise industry for ten years. They’ve probably had coverage provided to them for years and not had to worry about hunting for new plans. 2020 and the coronavirus changed all that and suddenly they are looking for a new job as well as medical insurance for the first time in a decade.

In South Florida, thousands of residents turned 65 last year, meaning for the first time in their lives they were eligible for Medicare. It’s usually a welcomed relief for people as it provided some financially flexibility and a wider range of options as most medical facilities and professionals accept Medicare. However, again because of the Coronavirus and 2020, the list of healthcare options expanded to include testing for covid, telehealth for medical checkups and prescription renewal, getting access to medications and more.

The one thing people of all ages are concerned with is committing to a plan only to find out it doesn’t cover something they currently need or may need in the future. Imagine spending hours working on a new plan that fits your budget and then getting a call from your doctor or pharmacy a month later telling you that your new coverage isn’t accepted there? This is something that thousands of people dealt with last year and it’s only going to continue this year as many industries are still not recovered from the impact of 2020 and COVID-19.

Independent Health Care Advisor

This dilemma is why health insurance and Medicare advisors like Health Plan Markets has become more aggressive in providing free consultations to people throughout the state who are looking for guidance during these confusing times in the healthcare world. These advisors, who are licensed to work with different providers throughout the state, offer a shortcut to factual options rather than online speculation.

“I cannot tell you how frustrating it was last year to go online and read some of the things I read about coverage for people going onto Medicare or just looking for coverage for themselves. These publications included major newspapers who clearly hasn’t done their research and weren’t giving people a clear direction on where to go”,  says Justin Jacobs, principle advisor for Health Plan Markets.

Advising is Free

One example Jacobs is referring to is the confusion over the cost of hiring an advisor. The service is actually completely free as they are paid by the insurance companies, not the clients. As it turns out, being proactive and calling the providers yourself won’t save you any money either. Whenever you call a provider directly you are actually speaking with an advisor who works for that provider. They are not able to give you any special discounts and will only be able to offer you the same plans at the same cost as an independent advisor will. The difference is that the independent advisor can also compare plans from one provider with dozens of others to see which ones are best for the client.

“I think when people hear something is free they wonder what the catch is. The irony is that with medical coverage, advisement is always free and remains that way forever. Our offices have seen an increase in calls and even visits this year but we understand a lot of people either do not feel comfortable yet because of covid or they are too busy to come in. We’ve created an option where you can schedule a one-on-one digital meeting with an advisor who will go over every question you have. This is a different kind of webinar where it’s not about getting lectured. You run it, you ask the questions and we take the time, while in the meeting, to get answers. That’s the best and most reliable way to get people the information they need so that they can find affordable but dependable coverage for themselves and their families", he explains.

Learn More At The Free Webinar

Health Plan Markets free webinars begin March 15th. They have offices throughout Florida but anyone living within the state can schedule a digital meeting with an advisor if they wish. The consultation is free and all information is completely confidential. 

There are no requirements to sign up through the advisor as well. For more information visit: https://askhpm.com/ or call: (844) 696-3975


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