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projectRock: Ain’t No Mountain High Enough


“Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”, sang Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell in their famous 1967 song. projectROCK, the spectacular indoor rock climbing facility in Oakland Park challenges this famous song’s sentiments. Each and every day at projectRock climbers, both young and old, seasoned and amateur challenge themselves to climb their highest mountain. 

Bringing the Mountains to Oakland Parkers

“Instead of going to the mountains, let’s bring the mountains to us” is the motto. In reality, climbers can safely confront their fears here! projectROCK, the spacious 12, 000 square foot indoor climbing facility in the Oakland Park Festival Center, offers walls as high as 40-60 feet, 18,000 square feet of actual climbing terrain, authentic picnic tables and mulch, 80 climbing lanes and approximately 1,800 sq feet of bouldering terrain. Floors are composed of specialized, soft, forgiving, playground grade rubber that provides access to climbers of all abilities.

Owner Marc Landau opened the facility in December 2017 after a rock climbing trip to South Dakota launched his passion for the sport. Landau was an avid and competitive racquetball player until a knee injury sidelined his game. After the South Dakota trip, he realized that flat land Florida sorely lacked tall rock climbing walls.

Landau decided to spearhead a “rock realistic” concept in a professional gym atmosphere, with 20% of the walls that are shot concrete to provide the look and feel of actually climbing outdoors. The walls are textured, and colored to emulate landmark climbing destinations around the Americas, including Red Rock in Nevada, Devils Tower in Wyoming, and Joshua Tree and Yosemite National Park in California.

After a trip to South Dakota, Marc Landau had the idea to bring the mountains to Oakland Park.

No Age Limit for Rock Climbing

projectROCK is hardly a child drop off/jungle gym. Rock climbing here is recommended starting at age 6-no age limit! As Landau states, “We’ve had climbers in their 70’s and 80’s climbing here, handicapped/wheelchair assisted individuals (quadriplegics and paraplegics), blind/sensory challenged individuals and limb different climbers. Really anyone can participate in rock climbing”.

The facility is equipped with specialized equipment and rubber flooring that is wheelchair accessible and allows climbers of all abilities to enjoy the experience of climbing.


The facility offers bouldering, which is essentially rock climbing with no rope or harness attached to the climber (this is a bit riskier). Boulder walls are graded with different levels of difficulty to allow anyone from the newest the most seasoned climber to climb and bouldering doesn’t require formal training to perform. 

Top Rope and Lead Climbing

Top rope and lead climbing involves climbing with a partner, belayer (someone who manages the rope for the climber). Top rope and lead climbing routes are graded 5,(easiest)-5.14 (most challenging). No formal training is required for these climbing types, but you either have to climb with a partner or reserve time to climb with one of the guides at the facility.

Celebrate Good Times at projectRock

PRC does offer birthday parties, bar/bat mitzvahs, team building/leadership activities, corporate events and even tv commercials have been filmed there (Adidas). Really, if you have any occasion, they can probably help accommodate you.

COVID-19 Safety Measures

Masks are required while in projectROCK AND while climbing the walls at all times. Floor guides monitor the facility to ensure that the mask rule is enforced. Temperatures are taken and hand sanitizing is required upon entry and projectROCK’s 236 climber capacity has currently been reduced to 90 climbers.

In addition, every other rock climbing lane is closed to ensure social distancing. Hand sanitizing between rock climbing is recommended and sanitizing stations are located throughout the facility.

projectROCK Marketing Strategy

projectROCK relies on social media, mostly Instagram and Facebook for marketing as well as word of mouth. Landau also opens his facility to various charitable causes such as Lighthouse of Broward, a school for the visually impaired, as well as different sports organizations and scout troops for team building events.

The interior feels like an actual campground with picnic tables on a rubberized mulch. The rest rooms are photowrapped with actual wilderness/woods images and the toilet even perches in front of a tree (this simulates where one actually urinates in the woods!)

What the Future Holds for projectROCK

Landau will open a 2nd location in Easley South Carolina in late 2021—early 2022. He is currently remodeling the Oakland Park location, revamping his party barn to a training room and his log cabin room to a party/office/employee break room.

For now, the authentic mountain climbing feel that projectROCK evokes transcends the climber to the mountains of Tennessee, Kentucky, West Virginia, Nevada, Wyoming, Utah, South Dakota and California right in the heart of flat South Florida.

projectROCK truly is an awe inspiring, authentic rock climbing experience reminiscent of the mountainous areas of the United States. Daily, climbers of all ages come to the facility and prove to themselves that there ain’t no mountain high enough they can’t climb it! 


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