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8 Places to Eat a Great Burger In and Around Oakland Park


A perfectly cooked burger,  cheese that melts in your mouth, a bun that complements the burger and its fixings,  a variety of sides to choose from… now that is an unforgettable burger experience!  Choosing a good craft burger may seem like a simple task, but it’s definitely not. In addition to its preparation, there is an important factor we must keep in mind: our personal taste.

Last year, we asked Living in Oakland Park and Eating in South Florida Facebook group members what was the best place to taste a delicious craft burger, and they responded. As we imagined, the answers were as varied as possible, but we managed to select the best places in and around Oakland Park in order to help you decided where to get your burger fix.

Check out the list below. If your favorite spot is not listed, make sure you leave a suggestion in the comments section.

Brgr Stop Fort Lauderdale

The restaurant is described as a “Funky stop decked out in road signs and murals offering grass-fed burgers with eclectic toppings”, a place with a great atmosphere and friendly staff. All this might help Brgr Stop Ft. Lauderdale to get good reviews, but the burgers are what really matters. With so many options, it might be hard to choose one, but no matter which one you pick, save some room for a delicious milkshake too. You won’t regret, we promise!

Brgr Stop Ft. Lauderdale: 1930 East Sunrise Boulevard | Fort Lauderdale

Jack's Old Fashion Hamburger House

As the name suggests, Jack’s Old Fashioned Hamburger House serves up just that, old fashioned hamburgers.  So if you like a good old-fashioned fresh grilled burger, this is the place for you. To make the environment even more old-fashioned and fun, the jukebox still works, and the music selection is always great.

Jack’s Old Fashion Hamburger House: 4201 N Federal Highway | Fort Lauderdale

Rosie's Bar and Grill

It’s true that Rosie’s has a festive and giant patio, it’s also true the staff is always nice is friendly, but let’s be honest, they’re not the only things that make us wanna go there. The good food in combination with the fun environment makes Rosie’s a must go place in South Florida. While burgers are not the only thing on the menu, they’re worth to try. Not sure what to order? Go with the Rhoda Cowboy, a juicy burger with cheddar, barbecue sauce and crisp bacon.

Rosie’s Bar and Grill: 2449 Wilton Drive | Wilton Manors

Burgers and Beers

You’ll feel like home at the cozy enviroment this family owned and operated business offers to its clients. Of course you’re not going there just for this homey feeling, but the great food Burgers and Beers has on the menu are worth your visit. “Limited menu but huge on taste” is what they state on their Facebook page. You better believe it and give the restaurant a try.

Burgers and Beers: 2031-D Wilton Drive | Wilton Manors

Billy Jack’s Shack

This fun and casual spot by the beach in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea serves a great menu of burgers, salads and seafood acompanied by good music and a good selection of craft beer. Do you need a suggestion? Try Mike Teeve made with house wagyu beef blend topped with caramelized onions, bacon, cheddar and barbecue sauce.

Billy Jack’s Shack: 218 Commercial Blvd | Lauderdale-by-the-Sea

Peter Pan Diner

You’ve probably heard about the great breakfast and brunch Peter Pan Diner offers, what you may not know is that they have great burgers too. This “staple of the community”, as author Christine Chaparro states in the article Peter Pan Diner: Where Customers Are Family, will make you feel like home… But I wonder if at home you have delicious burgers as well.

Peter Pan Diner: 1216 E Oakland Park Blvd | Oakland Park

Funky Buddha Brewery

Funky Buddha is another Oakland Park’s gem. The great selection – and production – of craft beer is what put the bar’s name out there, but beer tastes even better with some food by its side, right? Well, that’s when the burgers pop in. Give it a try, seriously!

Funky Buddha brewery: 1201 NE 38th St | Oakland Park

Gilbert's 17th Street Grill

Gilbert’s 17th’s Street Grill is a family owned and operated restaurant that serves up great burgers, ribs, soups, and salads. Although the ribs are very famous in the house, your experience won’t be as complete if you don’t try a burger. If possible, save some room for dessert.

Gilbert’s 17th Street Grill: 1821 Cordova Rd | Fort Lauderdale

Is that noise I hear your stomach growling? Now you have 8 places with amazing burgers to choose from. Don’t forget to take a picture and post it to Living in Oakland Park and Eating in South Florida groups. Bon appétit!


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