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Chen Medical Center: Where Seniors Come First


“My doctor seems rushed and doesn’t have time for me” is a common complaint in today’s American health care model. But Chen Senior Medical Center takes a more caring, time sensitive and personal approach with its patients.

The company started in 1985 by Dr. James Chen after he was diagnosed with a curable type of cancer. He had to wait months for appointments and on top of that had negative experiences with a disorganized and uncaring health system. So Dr. decided to found a medical center that would be different and caring in its approach.

Today, there are 28 Chen locations in Florida, with more in the works. Chen’s newest center at 3460 N. Andrews Ave. in the Oakland Park Festival Center. Today it hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate its opening.

ChenMed: Bringing Quality Health Care to Seniors

Outside of Florida, the ChenMed family of companies operates more than 75 senior medical centers in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Ohio, Kentucky, Louisiana, Illinois and Virginia.

Chen Senior Medical Center is a family-owned, family-oriented organization committed to bringing superior health care to seniors. Chen physicians have no more than between 400 and 450 patients on their panel. This ensures that patients receive their doctor’s attention and time without long waits or rushed exams. Chen patients wait an average of 10 minutes in the lobby and receive an average initial examination lasting 40 minutes. Follow-up exams last an average of 20-25 minutes. The initial examination includes a medication and vitamin review to determine necessity and reduce possible harmful interactions. 

Chen doctors are geriatric specialists who meet with their patients at least once a month for wellness visits and to do lab work and EKG preventatively instead of reactively. Many patients are seen more often than once a month to detect and manage high-risk disease. And all Chen patients have the cell phone number of their doctor, giving them unparalleled access to the doctor who knows them best. As a result of this wellness model, Chen patients have 33% fewer hospital visits and 95% have high satisfaction levels.   

A Holistic Philosophy

Chen’s holistic philosophy includes offering acupuncture, heart health and diabetes education classes that emphasize proper diet and exercise. Doctors and care teams also work with patients to help them manage pain without an overreliance on excessive medications.

The COVID-19 pandemic has enabled Chen to pivot its business to accommodate patients and continue to provide high quality care. Patients have been using telemedicine to see their doctors; high-risk or quarantined patients have been receiving medications delivered by FEDEX; patients can still access door-to-doctor transportation (as long at the patient is in a 10-mile radius to a Chen center); and the number of patients visiting the center at the same time is limited.  

To qualify to be a Chen Senior Medical Center member, one must be 55 years of age or older and have a Medicare Advantage Plan accepted by the center.

Grand Opening

The Chen Oakland Park Center is extending its VIP Grand Opening with some exciting items:

  • Monday, January 11 and January 18, 2021Grocery Day: non-perishable food items to help stock your pantry.
  • Tuesday January 12, and January 19, 2021Household Item Day: essentials such as toilet paper, soap and paper towels will be distributed.
  • Wednesday January 13, and January 20, 2021Safety Supply Day: washable face masks, hand sanitizer and other safety items.
  • Thursday January 14, and January21, 2021Gift  Card Day: $10 gift cards for supplies.
  • Friday January 15, and January 22, 2021Shopping Spree Day: receive a voucher for up to 10 items. Choose from household items, goodies and other treats.

All seniors interested in attending the grand opening event MUST RSVP to Michelle Jackson at 786-914-1250. All giveaways are first come, first served.

A Place Where Seniors Come First

The opening of Chen Medical Center in Oakland Park, marked the opening of their fifth facility in Broward County. Just above the reception area are the words : “Welcome, We are glad you are here.” During the opening ceremony Dr. Gianni Neil, Market Chief Medical Officer conveyed the following sentiment about Chen’s business model:

"We are so excited that we have the ability to give our seniors better health, we have an absolutely second to none model in which we deliver VIP service in a way that our seniors are feeling loved and honored...they feel like family when they are here. It is a model where physicians and patients can grow in relationship and love for one another as they walk together through the life cycle of that senior towards better health. We believe wholeheartedly in this model...our parents and family members are all Chen patients." 

"We are so excited that we have the ability to give our seniors better health", says Dr. Gianni Neil (left).

Click here for Chen Medical Centers contact information.


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