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Local Couple Found Themselves In a Pickle, Decided to Make It Literal!


James, originally from New England, and Erica, a South Florida native, are the kind of people that look fear in the eyes and say “Boo”. The couple, like many of us, found themselves in a pickle once the pandemic hit. Stuck at home, out of work, they binge watched netflix and waited it out. Well, luckily for our taste buds, the couple eventually got bored and decided to get creative! When in a pickle, get to pickling… that’s how the saying goes, right?

In a Pickle: A Fresh Start - Literally!

No stranger to the process, James grew up learning how to pickle foods with his grandmother and godmother in New England. Knowing that farmers were hit hard, they decided to help out and shopped local buying up $10 vegetable boxes to start their pickling journey. Soon they had pickled so many fresh vegetables they knew they had to spread the love! Jars of pickled squash and zucchini were distributed to their neighbors and friends, shortly after they were encouraged to start a business out of it.

Emboldened by their friends, Erica and James started a Facebook page and soon, what started as a hobby organically grew into a booming business. The pickled products are nothing like what his grandmother taught, they’re so fresh they can’t even sit on the shelf! FDA approved, they work out of a huge commercial kitchen where they prep and pickle an assortment of items. Their menu that started with six items has now grown to twenty, most of which got on the menu by customer request! Fan favorites vary, but in the pickle department people love the half sours and the spicy garlic, and their best selling vegetables are their beets and carrots.

Supporting Who Supports the Business

In a Pickle is dedicated to their customers, when asked what their favorite part of the process was Erica, without hesitation, immediately said, “The feedback we get from our customers, meeting our customers, and the little things they say about our products”. One of their biggest supporters, Chris Brennan, has recently fallen ill. To help out with his hospital bills, James and Erica have decided to launch a GoFundMe campaign. For donations over $20 In a Pickle will give away a free jar of deliciously pickled foods! As James said, “Chris has given us so much encouragement and support, in these trying times we want to give back to him, it’s the season to give”! You can find more information about the campaign on In a Pickle Facebook page.

A Healthy Food Choice

They produce all of their items fresh, low sugar, low sodium, no preservatives. A repeat customer even told them that he was finally able to get rid of his heartburn medication after he realized their pickled foods were doing a better job at helping to control the discomfort! Erica, a medical professional by trade, explained the many benefits of pickled foods, especially for the gastrointestinal system. She even explained that multiple sclerosis patients can benefit from pickled foods… However, they have to be fresh – free of all the gunk they put in the pickled foods you find on many shelves.

Luckily for South Florida locals, In a Pickle can now be found in the refrigerated section of a few select markets. The delicious fresh made pickled goods are at both Living Green Fresh Markets (Oakland Park and Pompano Beach), at Bob Roth’s New River Groves, and at Dutchy’s Gourmet Sausages. The couple also sets up at local farmer’s markets often as well as offering contactless delivery in the Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties. Erica and James are also open to local collaborations and recently joined up with The Burger Beast for a DIY at home burger box.

Beyond Burger Topping

Most of us think of pickles as a burger topping and if you’re wanting to try but don’t know how to eat other pickled foods, don’t fret! The fresh and crisp flavors have no limit. Apart from the obvious pairings they go amazingly well on charcuterie boards, in salads, in a fresh relish, and James even uses the pickled eggs to make deviled eggs; topping them off with a pickle chip and freshly made bacon!

In a Pickle is a local business that blossomed out of acts of kindness, to help local farmers and distribute healthy foods to friends. In times of global unrest and pandemic chaos Erica and James had these words of advice to others wanting to start a business of their own “keep positive with it,keep up the momentum”. In a Pickle is both inspiring as it is appetizing!


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