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5 Reasons to Go Solar


Homeowners of Oakland Park and surrounding areas, have you wondered about clean energy? If you’re like me, you’ve heard about the upgrades you can make to your home while helping the environment. However, what are the benefits for you as a homeowner? The obvious is clean energy helps our environment and planet, but what other benefits could you see by switching to a solar power system? 

5 Reasons to Go Solar

Well, I had the opportunity to chat with Jonathan Rush, an expert from ProSolar Systems, about their options for Oakland Park residents, and below is a concise list of the reasons you should consider going with solar energy.

#1 Save Money

Now that I have your attention, who wouldn’t like to save money? Of course you would! That’s why saving money is at the top of the list. According to Pro Solar Systems you “may reduce your energy bill by up to 100% when switching to solar”. How is this possible? Rush explained that  the solar panels you install on your house gather energy from the sun during daylight hours, and this helps power your home.

Partnered with FPL’s net metering, you should be able to run your household as usual. FPL’s website describes net metering as : “Florida’s net-metering rules enable electric customers to connect approved renewable generation systems such as rooftop solar panels to the energy grid so you can not only buy power from your utility but also sell excess power to your utility via the energy grid. FPL customers receive a smart bidirectional meter that tracks how much energy you use and how much excess energy you deliver to the grid so you can earn a one-to-one kilowatt-hour credit on your bill“.

#2 Help Keep Planet Earth Clean

Last but not least one of the best reasons to go solar power is you will do your part in keeping the planet clean. According to the Pro-Solar website and other providers of solar energy panels “Solar energy releases absolutely NO pollution and NO harmful green- house gases. Reduce your carbon footprint when you switch to solar!”.

#3 High Return on your Investment

Most homeowners invest in their property, whether it is by adding a new kitchen or bathroom, or outdoor living space to their backyards, etc., the options are endless for the enhancement we make to our homes. However, I found it quite interesting that the addition of solar panels to your home is one that will eventually pay for themselves in the long run.

Since you’re essentially reducing your power bill and these additional savings can be converted to the investment of installing the panels to your home. Solar energy is the way of the future, we see many businesses switching to clean energy every day, so, making your home more green with “clean energy” would make it a more attractive purchase for potential homebuyers if you’re ever interested in selling your home. In fact, owning a solar system in your home can increase your home value by up to 15%! Rush affirmed that “Most solar energy systems pay for themselves within 6-8 years; they can also boost your home’s value up to 15%!“.

#4 Receive Tax Credit

Did you know that if you install a solar system in your home you may also qualify for tax credits? This of course is another reason to go solar!

#5 Stay Powered… Even During a Hurricane!

What’s the next best thing to saving money? For Floridians, it is without a doubt,  keeping your home powered during severe weather conditions like that of a hurricane. Living in South Florida, we are at risk of losing power during a hurricane, and the most active part of hurricane season is during the hot summer months. Imagine not having to worry about losing power during these months. “Solar energy coupled with Tesla Powerwall guarantees you’ll have power during and after severe weather”, Rush shares.

Having solar panels at your home will allow for your home to function as normal, even during power outages that can be caused by severe weather. Keeping your appliances running means you won’t have to throw out spoiled food, saving you more money. Solar Energy eliminates the daunting tasks of purchasing items such as generators and flashlights and since most generators run on gas, let’s not forget the time you’ll save by avoiding long lines at the gas stations too.

How To Get Solar For Your Home

If you’re interested in more details if a solar system is right for you, reach out to ProSolar Systems and chat with an expert about your energy use and home needs so that they can customize the right plan for you!


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