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Ubii App Offers Job and Marketing Opportunities in Oakland Park


We all have skills that are useful in the job or career path we’ve taken as well as skills that aren’t as useful. Someone who sells insurance may be great at building something with their hands, but they felt that they could make a better living focusing on the selling insurance rather than trying to be a handyman or work in construction. There are also people who can utilize the same services they use for work to earn additional income in their spare time. The problem that most people face with earning extra income is that it requires them to find something that fits their availability. If you can only work on nights and weekends, your options may be limited in finding extra work.

Ubii App: Opportunities in Oakland Park

Another issue that comes up with earning extra money on the side has to do with marketing. How do you tell people that you can provide these services without having to spend your own money marketing? It’s tricky and a big reason why people cannot find extra work, or they cannot find anything that fits their schedule. That’s where the new Ubii app is changing things for a lot of people in South Florida.

Launched in early 2020, the Ubii on-demand service directory app has had a very successful first year offering opportunities for service providers to market their skills to thousands of local consumers. Providers are able to create a profile on the app and build it out with information about their experience, reviews from other customers, availability and price.

Naming Your Price and Availability

One of the biggest appeals of the on-demand service directory app is that people are able to list their prices and availability, including the same day. If someone is offering assistance like air conditioning repair and they have a slow day because of a cancellation, they can list new availability for that same day, increasing their chances of finding immediate work or work for later in the week or month.

Over 3,000 Services

Users also have the advantage of being able to select from a large variety of services. For example, someone who has experience working with their hands can list themselves available for remodeling work, building outdoor decks, installing new appliances, repairing broken appliances and so forth. The idea of listing more services is that the provider can appear in more searches while the consumer can hire someone who has skills and experience, specifically relevant to their needs.

Consumers Can Find Assistance Within Minutes

When a consumer, or service seeker as they are referred to with the company, goes onto the app they can search based on services needed and also schedule the assistance as far out as they want. If for example, they need someone that day, they can find whoever is available to fulfill that need. However, if they need someone to help with something in a week or two, they can find providers for that time as well. Another important feature is that every provider is screened and goes through a background check before they can setup a profile. The process is very simple but ensures quality and dependability.

Small Businesses are Getting in on the Action as Well

The coronavirus pandemic has certainly thrown a wrench into the plans of businesses throughout the world for 2020. However, some unexpected changes have been more beneficial than others. As far as Ubii is concerned, they have been surprised to see that small businesses represent a much higher percentage of their users than was expected.

Small businesses that provide services are having a hard time finding customers as platforms like Google and Facebook have become too competitive and expensive. Looking for a new option, many have found the Ubii app to be a perfect fit because it allows them to not only place their business on the app, but each employee can list themselves on it as well. Being able to cast a wider net and only have to pay if and when they are hired, allows these businesses to be more competitive in their marketing.

Currently, the app is only available in the South Florida area. While Ubii plans to expand quickly beyond 2020, the company is very happy with the results this year has produced, especially considering that the challenges created by the coronavirus. There’s also a lot of optimism that they will end the year strong as South Florida usually sees an increase in demands for service providers during the winter months. Covid’s impact will certainly be felt, but the demand for assistance is still expected to be very high through the rest of the year.


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