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Buoy Bites: Savory Flavors of New England in Oakland Park


Bringing the savory flavors of New England to Oakland Park is “Buoy Bites Roadside Seafood Shack”, a family-owned and operated seafood stop conveniently located on East Commercial Boulevard.

The name says it all. With an eclectic menu ranging from shrimp and oyster baskets to a full lobster dinner, if you have an appetite for the sea, Buoy Bites has something for you! After only being in business for a month, Buoy Bites has gained favor and popularity amongst Oakland Park locals, being described as “excellent”, “well-priced”, “delicious”, and a “favorite new spot” by the Yelpers in our community.

Buoy Bites: Beachy and Casual Vibe

The walk-up styled restaurant gives an airy, beachy vibe with their blue and white “shack” aesthetic and casual-dining outdoor seating. As a customer, you can easily grab takeout for the family or gain a much-needed sit down lunch break; whatever floats your boat! Or, buoy, should we say?

What inspired these experienced restaurant owners from New York to expand their talents all the way down to Oakland Park, you might ask? Well, I thought the same! According to manager Denise, the Floridian tropical climate allowed for the right clientele and atmosphere for a thriving seafood business.

Already operating a successful restaurant and market called “Buoy One” in Westhampton and Riverhead, New York, Buoy Bites is a quicker alternative to an already-perfected menu. In contrast to New York and the New England area’s seasonal “busy” season and cold winters, Florida provided a year-round platform for Buoy Bites to flourish. That being said, their menu is filled with catch that is unique to their home-base (cod, clam chowder, clam fritters, and more). With fresh fish daily, this place is one-of-a-kind! The French-trained Head Chef, after overcoming personal trials and tribulations, has successfully created and managed a cuisine that satisfies the stomach without breaking the bank.

Opening a Restaurant During COVID-19 Pandemic

What is even more fascinating about Buoy Bites thus far, has been their ability to thrive during the COVID-19 crisis that has profoundly affected both our immediate community, and the entire world. As small-business owners, one would not assume that opening a restaurant during a global pandemic would be their first choice.

However, due to the nature of their takeout-styled setup with casual and spaced out seating options, Buoy Bites has been able to not only stay afloat during this trying time, but have also rallied up quite a list of regulars as well. “We have locals coming here sometimes up to 4 times a week”, said Manager Denise. “Word of mouth has really spread positive reviews on our business, and we are happy we’ve been able to be successful during the quarantines and restrictions”. While I’m sure this is due to their friendly and accommodating staff, full-flavored dishes, and relaxed atmosphere, Buoy Bites also is delivering through DoorDash.

More to Come

With so much going for them, fresh seafood, a sizeable, customizable menu, great and experienced staff, convenient location, (and did we mention beer, wine, and sangria?), Buoy Bites still has exciting plans for the future. To add to the ambiance of the shack, they will be adding music and more seating options when the pandemic subsides. Buoy Bites even has an app. You can download it in your phone’s app store under “Buoy One”.

Buoy Bites prides itself on being of excellent quality, affordable, and providing service that leaves you feeling satisfied and ready to come back for more! “Come join us on the patio and enjoy our famously delicious seafood as it’s meant to be eaten, with a cold beer in the sunshine!“, reads their website. They are open from 9am to 11pm, 7 days a week, located at 1199 East Commercial Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33334.


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