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5 Tips For a Fun and Safe Halloween


All over the world the future is uncertain because of COVID-19. Countries that recently were courting a return to normalcy instead faced another wave of Coronaviruses cases forcing them to shut back down. While Florida has opened back up many people are still unsure about venturing too far from home and are still being very cautious. 

Halloween, our second biggest holidays after Christmas, traditionally requires lots of interaction. People decorate their houses, kids get dressed up in their favorite costumes in preparation to trick-or-treating with friends. However, with COVID-19 safety measures still recommended, celebrating Halloween this year will be all but traditional. 

In this article we have put together some tips to help you enjoy a fun and safe Halloween this year. 

5 Tips For a Fun and Safe Halloween

Put Candy in Small Bags

Instead of grabbing a handful of candy and putting it in bag when kids come trick-or-treating put the candy in small bags. Besides candy you can include other things kids might like. I have seen bags with pencils and erasers. I like to buy motivational and inspirational cards meant for kids’ lunchboxes and include them with the candy. 

Maintain Social Distancing

One of the best parts of Halloween is giving out candy. But this year this is something that you should forego in order to provide a social safe and distant environment. Set up your candy bags on a table in front of the house, grab a beach chair and wish the kids Happy Halloween from afar. 

If you have your own kids that are going trick-or-treating, teach reinforce that they should maintain their social distance. 

Participate in Virtual Events

Halloween online is not the same as Halloween in person, but it is better than no Halloween. You can have a virtual Halloween Party with a costume contest and other fun activities.

Virtual Halloween Bash

The City of Oakland Park is holding a Virtual Halloween Bash. Today is the last day so make sure to logon and enjoy the fun! 

Create Your Own Virtual Party

Take the idea of a virtual Halloween Party and host one yourself. You can have pumpkin carving contest, apple bobbing, costume contest and whatever other creative activities you can think of. It may be virtual but that gives you an opportunity to be even more creative this Halloween. 

Oakland Park resident, Terry Richmeier, will be celebrating Halloween virtually with friends and family all around the country. A traditional Halloween would not include such a celebration with so many people in so many locations, so perhaps, herein is the silver lining.

Spooky Halloween Hunt

Are you unsure about taking the kids out for Halloween? Keep it safe and 100% at home with a Spooky version of an Easter egg hunt. Thanks to Oakland Park resident, Robert Lamarche for this idea.

Create Your Own Porcelain Pumpkins

Sign up for a private art class at Joe Picasso and create and paint your own porcelain pumpkin. Joe Picasso owner, Katie Karcheuny, will teach you how to mold the clay into pumpkins. Paint them any way you like and Katie will fire them up for you for pick up at a later date. Enjoy$5 off with the discount code especially for Oakland Parkers,  LIOPTreat.

The fun at Joe Picasso’s doesn’t end on Halloween. Visit them after Halloween, with your kids, to make porcelain hand turkeys. 


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