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4 Interior Design Trends Coming Your Way!


The beginning of a decade always brings that feeling that fresh and new things are about to arise. Sometimes this feeling is reflected on the way people dress, the language they use and even in the choices made for decorating the different spaces. Usually these changes are very evident, just think for a second about the difference between the styles of the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s or 2010 to notice them!

After evaluating what has been trendy in recent years, and the main innovations in the market, architects already have some bets for this new decade.

4 Design Trends Coming Your Way!


Photo: Fresh Home

In the last decade, minimalism was very strong, being very prominent in different spaces. Now, maximalism comes to counteract it and create a balance. Maximalism brings uniqueness and boldness to the spaces, creating something happier and more personable, that’s why it will continue to be so successful. However, it is necessary to balance it with minimalism, so it won’t create a “heavy” atmosphere, and it will help keep the room fresh and organized.

Abstract inspiration

Photo: ATY Home Decor

Abstractionism will be coming to homes near you! The idea is to play with the internal appearance of the room. Despite avoiding very glaring colors, the mix of prints and collages, especially on walls, will make the space more sophisticated and bolder at the same time. The best way to do this is use patterned and / or colored tiles, applying to only one wall, so that it does not contrast negatively with the prevailing style.

Design Thinking

Photo: Campinas Decor

The idea behind Design Thinking is to offer the ideal home for each person in the house, prioritizing comfort and functionality. In the past, style and beauty came first. Now, the importance of putting practicality and coziness is the main goal, prioritizing those who make use of the space.

Tropical plants

Photo: DH Gate

Plants are all the rage this new decade! Well-being is what really matters, and this design approach that includes nature is a package deal : it’ll make your house more beautiful and it will offer comfort and well-being to your family. ‘Urban jungles’ will fill your space with several different shapes and colors. An alternative to live plants is using wallpapers with plants and elements that refer to tropical rainforests, and even real plants, in small spots, such as smaller pots on tables or larger ones in different places.

So look out for these 4 design trends coming your way in the  next decade. These 4 trends are such that they can please a variety of design tastes. It boils down to your preference for enunciating the style you prefer in the space to which you wish to bring it to life.


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