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Brazilian Artist Rose Perussi Brings Awareness to Nature


The natural beauty of the world is in danger. Our world and our life were made to be wonderful. Man has tainted it with pollution and with the decay of carelessness. One artist who has poured her heart into art to bring awareness to the beauty and care of nature is Rose Perussi.

Brazilian born in São Paulo, Rose has lived her life dreaming in color and textures. Since she can recall, her interests and imagination always involved art. When other kids were getting money for candy or ice cream, Rose would spend her money on paint or art kits. Rose believes art chose her since she was young. Her family always supported her love for art, and at age 19, she had her very first exhibit. With an extensive education in art, from USP, University of São Paulo, Rose has specialized in Post Modernity and her own created Oribombo artform.

Rose Perussi: The Brazil to U.S. Bridge

Rose began her life and career in Brazil. Love brought her through lands and geography. She met and married her husband, Garrett Lee Spencer, and now they reside together in our very own Oakland Park. She still has very strong ties in Brazil: her family all still there and has connections to art galleries and many clients.

Some of her clients in Brazil include architects, lawyers, engineers, and jewelers. One of them, a lawyer, has been her client for over 20 years and owns most of her pieces from her “Waiting” series. That client has commissioned two more art pieces from Rose! A most interesting fact is that the President of Brazil proudly owns one of Rose’s pieces.

Here, in the U.S., Rose works with a friend at his art gallery in Las Olas. She continues to paint and create meaningful art in her at home studio. While she helps her friend here in las Olas, she is looking to the future to bring projects to new places. Garrett is from Alabama, so the couple is flirting with the idea of bringing her culture to the Alabama art scene. She hopes to inspire her spark of color and nature and awareness for loving the environment more through her art.

The Inspiration Behind the Art

Like many artists, Rose gathered her inspirations by those past artists who led the way and revealed themselves to her through their work. Rose says, “Inspiration is not when you copy others, but when you can see through their art and they show us how they saw life”. But more so Rose is inspired by nature, water, colors, the environment – even air – inspire her to create.

It is very important to Rose that we, as people, see nature and give it the respect it deserves. Rose says, “We are magical beings. God created this for us. I want people to believe in nature. I look at my art and see that it is nothing compared to the art God has made for us!”.

In Brazil, she claims, recycled art is very common. Here in the U.S., Rose would like to see more of it. She would like to see the garbage and recycled items being repurposed into masterpieces. She adds, “It is absolutely necessary to take care of nature. When I do my series of water, I put my message there. You must have love. It is very important to me to send that message. We must feed our souls with beautiful things”.


And such beautiful things that Rose has given us. When Rose was studying in University of São Paulo, she wrote a dissertation and defended her main topic: Oribombo. It is her very own created art form that has now graced the world with its beauty. She describes Oribombo, as a close friend named it for her, as building upon a life that already exists. You can scratch and rebuild on what you already have. A reinvention of oneself without forgetting your true self.

Over the years, Rose has created a kaleidoscope of art pieces in the Oribombo style to please the eyes and heart. One should be so lucky to own one of her pieces! 

Oribombo is unique and synonymous with the Rose Perussi name. Rose uses mixed media to create her art. She uses metals, painting, engraving, and uses collages to create pictures. Perhaps one of her most notable pieces come from her “Waiting Series”.

Rose based her art on the attitude of waiting. We are always waiting for that fantasy to come to life. We wait on people, and we give of ourselves to others. No matter your gender, sexual orientation, beliefs, or skin color, we all dream and fantasize, and we wait. Rose says, “We do attitude contemplation. Our conditions are beautiful. We are magical beings”. Rose’s art in her “Waiting” series tried to convey that beauty. To recognize a piece from her “Waiting” series, you can look for metallic tin against a dark acrylic background. Light is a major factor that can alter her work. With reflection, shadows and angles, the light will surely mirror emotion.

In the Media

Rose’s work can be seen in galleries in Brazil. She has a Facebook page and her own website, www.roseperussi.com. If you Google her name, her accomplishments will flood your screen. A proud moment for Rose was her latest participation in “Salão de Outono da América Latina”. It is a prestigious art exhibition for which thousands of artists apply.

It has a very hard selection process and Rose was chosen to attend among the thousands to apply. The first Salão de Outono da América Latina was held in 2012 and has normally been held every 2 years in Europe.

Rose has lived a life immersed in beauty, nature, and colors. Her dreams speak through her art. And for her, the most important things, and those which she conveys through her art, are to love yourself, love nature, and realize the beauty of life.


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  1. I think Rose is like a piece of art! When I’m around her I feel happy and inspired!
    She’s an amazing artist in so many ways! I love the article!

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