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5 Tips to Be More Productive While Stuck at Home


When quarantine forced us to stay at home we finally had that endless weekend we always dreamed of. But since we are used to being busy, after a while, it took a little bit of adjustment and I bet some of us were even wishing to get back to work. While being alone with yourself and having lots and lots of time on your hand might be novel to you,  it doesn’t have to be a bad thing. In fact, it takes me back to one of my favorite quotes: In every challenge there is opportunity! 

With the opportunity of time before you, here are 5 tips for indulging yourself in things that are productive while stuck at home.

Learn a New Skill

Learning a new skill in the age of the internet is easy peasy when stuck at home. You can learn a wide variety of skills such as fashion design, logo design, book cover design, public speaking, excel courses, copywriting, 3d animation, technical writing, programming, and more. Websites such as Udemy, Coursera, edX, Simplilearn, Skillshare, and YouTube offer a variety of tutorials from resin art to mechanics. If you want to learn there are chances that there is a course for it out there on the internet. And if there is not, you can learn and be the course designer. Wow! Talk about a challenge that became a big opportunity right?

Learning a new skill will give you the opportunity to work as a freelancer on sites like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, Crowded, Writer Access, and so on, which enable you to use your skill to earn money into your pocket.

Apart from earning money online, learning a new skill adds value to your resume. Skills acquired online are also great to showcase special and unique skills that distinguish a job applicant from other qualified candidates.

Build Up a Healthy Body

Maintaining a healthy body is important in today’s hectic and stressful world that we live in. Our exercise, behavioral choices, and diet can have a major effect on our health. Building up a healthy body is one of the ways to be more productive while stuck at home because it makes the body more active.

Working on living a healthier lifestyle will help you be a better student if you choose the route of learning a new skill. It will also give you a better quality of life overall. 

Make Extra Money

Making extra money is another way to be productive while stuck at home. Due to the outbreak of a pandemic, most people/companies now work from home. Thanks to the internet and technology, working from home/making extra money has never for once been easier.

After learning a new skill, there are wide varieties of online jobs ranging from data entry and typing from home to audio to video transcription and content writing that are readily available with decent and legit pay, and also flexible working hours.

There is additionally the alternative of stocks and investments. While the financial exchanges far and wide are volatile, and as of now enduring a shot, things will undoubtedly change once they balance out.

You can actually utilize this opportunity to broaden your venture portfolio and limit those inevitable misfortunes. You can likewise peruse up and follow-up market trends all over the world.

If you are artistic and creative and never really had time to indulge in your hobby you can take advantage of the time you have now and monetize that passion. Set up an Etsy store and start selling online in no time.

Maintain a Daily Routine

To be more productive while stuck at home, it is important to maintain a daily routine. Try to avoid spending your whole day playing, eating, and sleeping as much as possible because they tend to be unproductive. Create a daily or weekly plan that helps you to maintain and stay in touch with your goal. If you are stuck at home, try all your possible best to stick to a particular work routine.

What is the importance of maintaining a daily routine? Research shows that having a permanent routine can play a significant role in achieving a mental health:

  • It helps people better overcome anxiety and stress
  • It helps to be more productive
  • A daily routine helps to be more focused
  • It helps to gain more control and also to feel organized.

Read Productive Books

The importance of reading books is overlooked in this hectic world due to the fact that people are always trying to get work done.

Reading productive books helps to improve concentration and also to gain more knowledge. One of the major problems for the brain today is too much of information. The brain is like a muscle, and the more it is trained, the better it functions. The only way to regain control of being focused is to read a productive book as it helps to be able to maintain focus for a long period of time.

So here you have it 5 tips for being productive while at home. No need to fret about what to do any longer. There is plenty of things to challenge yourself with while you have this opportunity of time on your hands, an opportunity which may just be once in a lifetime. So go out there and Carpe Diem! 


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