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Some Fowl Play in Oakland Park: Are Ducks Being Poisoned?


Last week on our Living in Oakland Park Facebook page there was a discussion of ducks being poisoned. The area where the poisonings occurred is near the Royal Park Condos just off of NW 38th Street on the south side of Royal Palm Park (the park with the two big lakes). Royal Palm Park is where a lot of the ducks live and from where we have seen photos of the ducks with their ducklings. Because they tend to congregate there and in other places near the park, like Royal Park Condos, the culprit that is causing harm to our Florida wildlife is at large in this area.

Florida Wildlife is Being Poisoned

The news was brought to us by one of the residents in the condos. India Tiana told Living in Oakland Park Facebook group members: “Someone in our condos is poisoning the ducks, several have died. My son saw several dead in the parking lot. One of our neighbors had trash bags picking them up”.

Allegedly there has been a pale-yellow-like substance that was found sprinkled on the walkways where the ducks frequent as well as a similar yellow-like substance on one of the bills of the harmed ducks.

Image: India Tiana

Resident Tiana continued to update neighbors on the LIOP Facebook page by stating, “Someone is sprinkling this yellow powder on food. (I’d assume bread) the ducks are dropping like flies. There were traces of this powder on the decease ducks. 2 ducks just gave birth both liters are gone”.

A Community of Many Emotions

Many of the residents in the area are angered and disgusted by these acts. Some have shared their feelings and thoughts in our group. “I saw one died at royal palm park just aside the playground, I’m so mad and almost crying while I was running, I’ve been taking videos of the babies (thank God I saw them with theirs mommys [sic]). I hope karma gets that crazy person who has been killing them and poisoning,” stated CataLeya Mora on our Facebook page.

Kimberly J Kabukimono also stated, “I hate that people are hurting these ducks. Death by poison is awful and painful”.

Photo: Maria Scudella-Beltran

There is Concern for Domesticated Animals Too

Karen Kiddy-Huebner said “Killing those ducks is illegal and using a poison that can kill or harm pets, other animals, or people is also illegal. Someone needs to CALL THE COPS!”.

Resident’s frustrations further grew since this substance can also be harmful to their small pets. With already limited choices of where to walk their pets, since some parks are still closed and/or don’t allows pets, they are left wondering what to do.

One solution offered for these folks is to walk their pets in Easterlin Park which allows pets so long as they’re on a leash as suggested by LIOP member Dan Krohn. 

Ongoing Investigation

The authorities have been notified and security measures have been put in place. However, as of the date of this article, there has not been a suspect caught. Some other neighborhood forums have vowed to keep a watch in the area of concern in hopes to catch the aggressor. 

If you see anything suspicious please contact BSO’s non-emergency number (954) 764-HELP (4357). 

Share your thoughts with us in the comments section. 


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