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Beaches Close for 4th of July Weekend


Since Phase 1 and Phase 2 re-opening the number of positive COVID-19 cases has surged to 146, 341 in the State of Florida, 15,045 or 10.2% of the total number of cases statewide are in Broward County. Cases in Miami-Dade county are more than double those of Broward County, 35,222 or 24% of the total number of cases in the State of Florida. 

As a result, the Mayor of Miami-Dade closed the beaches for the 4th of July weekend. The decision was made in order to keep large crowds from congregating and further transmitting the virus to the population at large.

The Broward County Mayor,  Dale V.C. Holness, consulted over the weekend with other Mayors regarding the closure of Broward County beaches. The majority of local leaders supported the closure of Broward County beaches. As a result on Monday June 29, 2020 Mayor Holness followed suit and issued Emergency Order 20-19 closing the beaches for the July 4th weekend. 

Emergency order 20-19 stipulates the following:

  • At 12:01 AM on Friday July 3rd beaches will be closed
  • Beaches will re-open on Sunday July 5th at 11:59 PM
  • Enforcement of this order includes civil and criminal penalties

Deputy County Administrator Monica Cepero shared the following in a press release :

“Like all Floridians, Broward County is closely monitoring the percentage of positive cases of COVID-19. Although closing our beaches on a holiday weekend maybe an unpopular decision for some, it is the responsible action for the County to take. Broward County and its municipalities take public safety actions seriously, as we believe it will help mitigate the spread of the virus and protect our residents and our community”.

The standards set forth in Emergency order 20-19 are the minimum acceptable for compliance. Each municipality may set forth more rigid requirements as long as it is legally allowed.

The County also asks residents to continue to observe social distancing recommendations, wear masks, wash their hands, to avoid large gatherings and to stay home if possible during the holiday weekend. 

For Americans and especially Floridians, it is not the ideal way to spend such an important holiday. However, it is not much to ask for the greater good. Get creative, and make this Fourth of July safe and special in its own way!

Happy Fourth of July!


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