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Help Find a New Home for Starting Over Enterprises


Oakland Park has been the home to Starting Over Enterprises over the last 7 years. Founder, Susan Bain, also known as “Sno White” chose the Oakland Park warehouse due to its cost-effectiveness for her business model. Starting Over Enterprises is a non-profit organization that focuses on helping those less fortunate, specifically the homeless community, who Sno fondly refers to as her second family.

Sno White’s Mission

At a young age Sno had felt it in her heart to help others she had a promising career as a singer in Las Vegas but unfortunately, that came to an end when she underwent throat surgery. Afterward, she came back to Florida and eventually focused her efforts on helping the underserved homeless community, after losing several of her children prematurely. Thanks to a friend that told her about a homeless man looking for a second chance, Sno bought a trailer and put it in the back of her house. Sno realized that by giving a helping hand to this man he was able to change his life.

Sno offers cabinet manufacturing training to the homeless.

Starting Over Enterprises Was Home-Grown

The roots of Starting over Enterprises were home-grown as Sno took in the needy directly into her home. As mentioned in the previous section, Sno started by helping the homeless man with a trailer in her home. From there the growth of Starting over Enterprises has been exponential. The purpose has remained the same, offer skills and training to those of the homeless community who will eventually go back into the community for their second chance.

Sno’s businesses have ranged from a theme party company catering to corporate and individual parties to current day Praise the Lord (PTL), which is a cabinet manufacturing training facility that she started with a Small Business Association loan. This facility, located in Oakland Park produces high-end cabinetry and furniture. Sno tells us that

“We provide food for 162 families every month through our food pantry on-site here at the warehouse”. She continues to say “Being a non-profit and not being able to get grants, state or federal help we rely solely on the work we produce through the cabinet shop.”

All the proceeds go to the expenses associated with the warehouse facility as well as the homeless.

In Need of a New Facility to House Efforts

After 40+ years of serving the homeless community, recently Sno was made aware that she will have to re-locate her facility because the warehouse she rents was sold. She’s turning to the community with hopes that someone knows of a facility that is not only affordable but can also facilitate the operating needs of Praise the Lord.

So what’s needed?

According to Starting Over Enterprise’s website the Oakland Park warehouse holds its state of the art equipment which is used by the trainees to develop their skills in the manufacturing process. Therefore their new facility would have to be at least a 35,000.00 square foot.

Sno wants to continue helping her second family and reflects back that, since that first man she helped with the trailer in her home her business has provided assistance and training for 2800 men and women.

Sno must vacate the current facility by July 31st. For this reason she is turning to the community for help relocating so she can continue to help men and women start over. If you know of a facility that can work for Starting Over Enterprises reach out to Sno directly at 954-325-9692. 


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  1. I was a client of. Starting over about ten years ago nd am thankful to sno and her stsff fot al they did for me. As a direct resukt of her help, i was able to work my way up to a general managers position at a local hotel. I still visit the organization when i can. Joel Niedle

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