Find It in Oakland Park: #LiveLikeALoakl

On June 5th, Broward County Administrator Bertha Henry issued an addition to the Phase One opening for the County. You can find the details of the guidelines at the link at the end of this piece. In a nutshell, I can tell you that it still includes facial coverings, groups of ten or less, and six feet distances. It also gives us a little more liberties, like gyms, martial arts, yoga and spinning studios. We still can’t sunbathe or have a picnic on the beach, but we are allowed to swim in the ocean, ride our bikes or go for walks or runs. Hotels can also open back up with adherence to specific guidelines.

No matter what the guidelines say we can and can’t do, it’s good to know we are opening in the safest way we know how at the moment and that our local leaders are trying to get us back to life as we used to know it. The city of Oakland Park is just as eager to safely open as well, and has created an initiative to help jumpstart local businesses in our city.

Find It in Oakland Park: #LiveLikeALoakl

The campaign is called “Find it in Oakland Park” and was created to support the small businesses in our community. We have an incredibly diverse city with everything you could want, and if we can continue to find it in Oakland Park it would mean we would be investing directly back into our own community. After all, it is our money that will help these businesses stay afloat, and keeping these businesses afloat means we can continue to have an enriched community experience. We can’t forget that we would be supporting a family, person or even our very own neighbor.

Shop and Dine in Oakland Park

“Find It In Oakland Park” encourages residents to buy local and dine local. Our City leaders want to encourage residents to explore and and uncover the gems we have all around the City. For instance, did you know Oakland Park has a cool little comic store on Main Street called CJ’s Comics? Or the awesome little bar across from Funky Buddha that has old-school video game consoles to play called Tenth Level Tavern? What about Alberte’s Caribbean cuisine? And that’s just in my little neighborhood.

Think of the gems awaiting our discovery in yours! We can help our City’s businesses by shopping or visiting and spreading the word via social media posts. Oakland Park is even launching an incentive program to encourage local businesses to get creative with what incentives they can offer to Oakland Parkers.

Helping the Businesses and the Community

A press release with public health being a chief concern has been issued by the City of Oakland Park. Basically they are waiting for the okay from the state and the county for a full-throttle opening. 

In the meantime, we can all participate in the “Find It In Oakland Park” initiative. This initiative doesn’t just help the businesses but helps the community as well. Future entrepreneurs will see our city’s growth and want to come here, enriching our community experience and continually diversifying us in the most beautiful ways. It will be great to see our city back on track and flourishing again.

When out there discovering the gems of Oakland Park, don’t forget to take pics and use the hashtags #FindItInOP and #LiveLikeALoakl and of course’s very own hashtag #TogetherWeAreOP 

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Steven Mayer

Steven Mayer

Steven Mayer is a local Floridian who grew up in the South Corals area of Oakland Park most of his life. He attended Rickards Middle, Northeast High and earned his B.A. in English from FAU. He’s done some writing and editorial work for a south Florida lifestyle magazine and is proud to have been a partner with Starbucks for a total of 18 years.

After testing out a couple U.S. cities in his twenties, Steven realized that nothing beats home, and eventually settled back down in the Downtown Oakland Park area with his partner Douglas (another Oakland Park native), their three Pekinese dogs and two beautiful cats.

Steven enjoys anything Disney, vegan cooking, going for runs, attending local festivals, traveling, and game nights with friends and family.

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