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The Smile Behind Sunshine Chiropractic Center


Tucked away in a shopping plaza off of Andrews Ave is Sunshine Chiropractic Center. It stands out from the other establishments in the plaza because of its welcoming entrance. But the sunshine only really hits you and you begin to feel its warmth after you walk inside. Responsible for that warm feeling is the smile of the the owner and found of the center, Dr. Beth Cooper. 

From Patient to Practitioner

The Patient

Dr. Cooper is an avid runner and when she was just 23 years old she tore the meniscus on her left knee running. Her mother worked for an orthopedic surgeon at the time and the surgeon recommended surgery. Cooper had just finished her B.A. in journalism and happened to be considering a career in the health field. She decided to see a Chiropractor to help with her knee to heal and to learn more about the practice.

After following a regular adjustment schedule Cooper did not need surgery. To this day she says: “My knee is pristine”. She was so amazed at the results she decided to become a Chiropractor herself.  She immediately began taking the required coursework to begin her studies. 

The Practitioner

As a Chiropractor, Dr. Cooper believes in treating her patients with personalized care and attention that she herself likes to receive. She conveyed that in today’s medicine a lot of the personalized attention people like to receive has fallen by the wayside and for this reason she works hard to make her clients feel special and well taken care of. 

Despite her outstanding patient care and treatment and sincere caring, Dr. Cooper shares that one of the major challenges in her field is that takes a lot of time to gain respect and recognition as a serious healthcare provider. She says that her husband equates being in an alternative health field salmon swimming upstream. One example she gives to illustrate this point is that many times people will listen more to a personal trainer’s advice, a profession which takes a lot less schooling, versus her advice, that of a trained professional with years of schooling and that has passed rigorous testing in order to practice.

Challenges aside, Dr. Cooper works hard each day to helps patients of all ages achieve optimal health. From pregnant women, to young children to adults,  she helps them balance and align their nervous system so that the body can work as it was designed to. 

More Than a Chiropractor

Besides caring for her clients and caring for her fellow business owners in Oakland Park, Dr. Cooper also goes above and beyond in providing her services to those in need. On Tuesdays you can find her at the Poverello Center working with patients that are HIV positive. 

A Member of the Oakland Park Community

When Cooper finished Chiropractic school in Atlanta, she moved to Florida. She met her husband, Robert Feinberg, here in Florida, and he just happens to be one of the brothers behind another prominent business here in Oakland Park, Allied Kitchen and Bath

Dr. Cooper and her family live in Fort Lauderdale, but since both of their businesses are in Oakland Park, they spend a lot of time in Oakland Park and in supporting local businesses. She has been a long time client of Salon 51. She loves the tacos at Algeria Taco, in her own words she shares: “I love love love them… They are so sweet and amazing”. She loves the breakfasts at American Cafe and frequenting Marges Garden Restaurant. For amazing pastelitos, she always goes to the New Jersey Deli on Prospect Rd. 

You might also run into to Dr. Cooper at our local festivals giving people adjustments on site and teaching them about the benefits of chiropractic health. If you do, be sure to say hello. But if you don’t and you are looking for a great Chiropractor that will always welcome you with a smile, head over to Sunshine Chiropractic Center for a consultation with Dr. Beth Cooper – your body will love you for it!


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