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Oakland Park Urges The Use of Face Masks


If you gone out to complete essential tasks like grocery shopping it is clear that not everyone is taking the threat of the coronavirus seriously. Many don’t wear face masks or gloves or take any type of precaution.  Unfortunately many of those not taking precautions are personnel working in grocery stores and other essential businesses.

While some are aware of the importance of wearing a mask, others have not yet taken to heart the seriousness of COVID-19.

Residents of Oakland Park have been voicing concerns about this to Mayor Matthew Sparks. Accordingly Mayor Sparks consulted with 31 other Broward County Mayors and taking to heart recommendations made by the CDC this past Monday April 6th, issued Emergency Order 2020-04. The order strongly urges everyone involved in an essential activity to use face masks. Section 1 of the order states:

All citizens and residents of the City of Oakland Park, as well as all visitors to the City, are strongly urged to use cloth face coverings while utilizing essential services or engaging in essential activities, in addition to other recommended social distancing measures, especially in areas of significant community-based transmission, including, but not limited to grocery stores, hardware stores, pharmacies“. 

Number of Cases Has Tripled in Two Weeks

The number of cases of Coronavirus in Oakland Park has tripled in the last two weeks rising from 9 to 32 confirmed cases as of today April 8, 2020. In Broward County the number of confirmed cases has risen almost 10 times from just 247 cases on March 23 to 2297 cases as of today April 8, 2020. 

We have also seen the Coronavirus hit close to home with the death of BSO Deputy Shannon Bennett on April 3, 2020. One week after he tested positive a healthy Bennett, who was hospitalized, was taken to the emergency room only to die later that night. 

Leading by example: When I leave home to complete essential tasks, I wear a mask and gloves. I need to be safe for myself and the ones I love.

The threat of the virus is real and the concern by the residents of Oakland Park is real too. The passing of emergency order 2020-04 is done with the purpose of keeping everyone safe. According to Mayor Sparks:

Face coverings provide another layer of protection for people in public settings where other physical distancing measures are difficult to maintain. We understand people still need to to go the grocery store or their pharmacy, but it is for everyone’s wellbeing that they utilize a cloth face covering.”

Stay home, stay safe and if you must go out cover your face for your own good and that of others around you.

Click here to read the City of Oakland Park Emergency Order 2020-04

What do you think of Emergency Order 2020-04? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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