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Beating the COVID-19 Lockdown: 15 Things To Do While in Quarantine


In every challenge there is opportunity. So even while we sit in quarantine we can choose to worry, which won’t make a lick of difference or we can take this as an opportunity to explore our creativity and resiliency as humans. 

So here is a list of 15 things you can do while in quarantine. 

Go Outside

The word quarantine has a connotation which makes it seem like we have to stay inside all the time, but we don’t! This is the perfect time to get outside, take a walk, ride a bike or enjoy some other outdoor activity. Just remember to maintain a safe social distance and you will be A OK.


Do you have a list of books you have always wanted to read? Well if you do, now is the time, seize the moment and get cracking on those books. If you have a library card you can check out digital books for free from the Broward County Library. 

Watch TV

There are so many great shows to watch nowadays, but finding the time to watch them can be difficult. With all this downtime pick a show and binge watch it. Make sure you do other things too. After all you don’t want to emerge from this quarantine as a professional couch potato. 

Game of Thrones


Do you have a hobby you enjoy or have wanted to try out but haven’t had the time too. Well now is the time. Indulge in what you love or try new things. For example if you want to learn how to make pottery, check out https://www.wikihow.com/Make-Pottery. You can pretty much find tutorials on anything on the internet, so explore new things!

Discover New Recipes

With a lot of restaurants closing down, why not try new recipes? There are is a huge world of cooking on the internet and if you have ever wanted to learn how to make a Baked Alaska, a Chocolate Lava Cake, anything really, now is your chance to try your hand in the kitchen. Go forth and cooketh your little heart out.

Time to learn how to make a delicious Baked Alaska!

Spring Clean

Cleaning is the chore of all chores. But given that you may have 30 days or more at home, why not get ahead of the junk and clean it all out? Decluttering can work wonders for the way you feel, so besides have a clean house you will feel a whole lot better too.

Help Someone

There are a lot of people that can’t help themselves and will need help. Find out who they are and help them. There is no need to put anyone’s life at risk. You can use technology and social media to find out who you can help and how. This will make a huge difference to them and make you feel good too. Everybody wins!

Take an Online Class

You can take all sorts of online classes. There are academic courses available from university professors through ITunes University or through YouTube Gurus.  Or you can check out the options that local businesses are coming up with in order to keep things going. For example, you can pick up an art kit from Art in Oakland Park and follow the class online or you can join P.S. Yoga Studios through their Zoom link and take yoga at home. 

Teach An Online Class

Fancy yourself a teacher? Try out your skills and offer an online class. Pick something you love and go for it! Be sure to share it on social media so you can pack your virtual classroom.

Have a Virtual Hangout

Are you missing your friends and family? Feeling like you need to enjoy Happy Hour after being quarantined for a week? Well then hold a virtual hangout with your friends. There are several apps that allow you do that. Google Hangouts, House Party and Zoom are some you can use to name a few. Just find one you like and roll with it.

Start a Blog

Whether you realize it or not you are living through a historical time. Write about it in a blog and one day it will serve as a first hand source for others trying to understand who we coped with the Coronavirus quarantine.

Enjoy a Show Online

The Metropolitan Opera is offering free virtual shows for a limited time. Do a search for other places that might be offering free virtual streaming of their shows or check social media for artists putting on free shows. 

Virtually Visit a Museum

According to Travel and Leisure Magazine, there are 12 famous museums you can visit virtually. While stuck at home, why not take the virtual trip? The only thing you have got to lose is time and in quarantine there is a plethora of it to spend. 

Listen to Astronauts Read Stories from Space

Got kids that love stories? Give them the unique experience of watching astronauts read them a story from space. Definitely not your ordinary story time! 

Watch Animals Live in the Wild

From bears in Romania, to jellyfish in California to hippos in Africa you can watch animals from all over the world, in the wild, through live animal cams. Just out the list compiled by Adventure Journal here.

Beating the Quarantine Challenge

Quarantine is a new situation imposed on us by an imminent biological threat. We may not like it but  we have to cope with it. We can choose to be negative about it or we can choose to face it as an opportunity to do something different, to challenge ourselves and to discover how resilient we are. 

What say you? How are you dealing with this quarantine? Share your ideas with us in the comments below. 


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