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Why Did The Car Drive Into The House?


Yesterday at approximately 4:00pm, residents of Whispering Lakes in Oakland Hills in west Oakland Park were stunned when a silver Yukon SUV sped through the neighborhood and crashed right in the middle of a house at the end of a cul-de-sac. 

Dulce Avila, a 31 year resident of the neighborhood and the City of Oakland Park’s 2019 Volunteer of the Year, was driving south on 17th Ave the main street that connects the neighborhood to Prospect Rd. Avila says she saw something out her peripheral vision and something told her to slow down. She gently stepped on the brakes and when she did she saw the Yukon plowing through the intersection of NW 43rd St. and 17th Ave. dragging a stop sign along with it. Avila  says the driver missed her by about a foot. Completely shaken by the near death experience, Avila, who is 72 years old, said “I nearly lost my life, thank heavens for my guardian angel.”

Another neighbor’s Ring camera caught the SUV just before it ran past the intersection apparently making no attempt to slow down or stop.

Residents Completely Shocked

The home’s residents arrived shortly after the accident. Living In Oakland Park was live on the scene and able to televise it through our Facebook Group.  When the residents arrived we asked one of them how bad the damage was. He could barely say anything as he was clearly devastated by the utter destruction to his home.

At roughly 4:00 pm on Monday March 2, 2020 this Yukon SUV plowed into a house at the end of the cul-de-sac off of NW 43rd St and 17th Ave in the Whispering Lakes of Oakland Hills in west Oakland Park. | Photo credit: Karl Gasten.

After 6:00 pm the tow truck managed to drag the Yukon out of the family’s home. After the truck was pulled out Living In Oakland Park was able to ask Oakland Park Fire Department’s Battalion Chief Fornash about the damage. Fornash said that an official from the City of Oakland Park’s Building Department deemed the building unsafe, forcing the residents to have to leave. Fornash also shared that the driver of the Yukon, a female, was in the hospital and that nobody else had been injured.

Living In Oakland Park contacted Chief Hubrig at Oakland Park BSO today for more details and the Chief shared that it was an ongoing investigation. According to Chief Hubrig, the driver told BSO that the she was driving this way as the result of an altercation with another person and that two cars involved. BSO is  still trying to verify the driver’s claim that there were two vehicles involved in the incident. The driver has not yet been charged. 

If you witnessed this incident of have any information that could help BSO please contact them at (954) 202-3131.


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