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Could You Live In These Tiny Houses?


Tiny house, mortgage-free living has been gaining popularity lately as a freer, minimalist way to live. A Tiny House is generally defined as a home that is 400 square feet or less. Now that is really tiny!

If you are used to living in a regular sized house then it would take some major adjusting to embrace a tiny lifestyle. Could you do it?

Let’s take a look at some Tiny Houses and decide for yourself if you could go tiny.

The Pequod

Photos: Crystal Zull Photography / Rocky Mountain Tiny Homes

The Pequod, named after Captain Ahab’s ship in Moby Dick, is, according to the builder, Rocky Mountain Tiny Homes, their “… most elegant and complex build to date“. This mini architectural marvel is made of top of the line materials.  It was designed for a family four and is a house in its own right, it is just tiny.

Because of the exceptional complexity of this build, the builder states that a replica would cost $80,000 to build. Not such a small amount of money for tiny living, but after a couple of years of living tiny, the cost can be offset.

Could you live in The Pequod? 

Tiny Aqua Oasis - Siesta Key, Florida

Photos: Orlando Weekly

Kick back in Siesta Key in this Tiny Aqua Oasis situated amongst a sea of other tropical tiny homes.

While this tiny house is not up for sale you can rent it for an average of $113 per night. 

This cerulean blue with white trim tiny house was built for the tropical surrounding in which it sits in the Florida Keys. This tiny house has a front porch is just big enough for you to enjoy some good ol’ porch sittin’ while enjoying the Florida sun. Inside the bleached white wood whitens and brightens the living area and its three bedrooms, yes three bedrooms!  Two bedrooms are on opposite ends of a staircase, while the master bedroom is just beyond the kitchen on the main floor. The main floor, offers a galley-style kitchen in which you can cook the simplest or most elaborate meals. The bathroom reveals itself when you slide back the barn-style door. It has a rain shower and full sized toilet. 

This tiny house is purported to fit six people, could you live in it with 5 others? 

Keva Tiny House - Salt Spring Island, Canada

The Keva Tiny House currently sits on Salt Spring Island in Canada. Rebecca Grim, a yoga instructor built the tiny house with the help of her friend Rudy Hexter. It measures 22 feet long, is 15 feet high and has an area of 168 feet. It also has an 8′ x 8′ pallets that can be taken a part if necessary. The tiny house also has lots of clear plexiglass to let light in and keep rain out.

The kitchen has cast-iron wood stove and in the same kitchen area is a sitting area with a bench near the large windows and a chair on the other side. The sleeping area is upstairs and has a skylight for stargazing. There is closet and storage space in different places throughout this tiny house. It has an adorable bathroom with an on-demand water heating system but no bathroom! Grim uses an outhouse instead of a bathroom. 

This tiny house cost USD $38,500 and affords the owner the ability to travel and always come back to a home base. 

Would you take up residence in this tiny house?

The Nugget - Columbus, Ohio

Photos: New Atlas

Modern Tiny Living has built a 12 foot long Nugget of a tiny home complete with a bathroom, kitchenette, and sleeping. With only 102 square feet of floorspace Modern Tiny Living markets this as a weekend home on wheels. The kitchen has a large sink, butcher block countertops and mini-fridge but no stove. Designers imagined the owners would prefer to cook outdoors. 

The bathroom includes a composting toilet and shower. Just close the pocket door to enjoy a shower or, well you know… The sleeping area doubles as a lounge area and has integrated storage space.  while the bed (which doubles-up as a lounge area) includes integrated storage space.

The Nugget is self-sufficient and can run totally off-the-grid. It has solar power and a 100 gallon fresh water tank and pump, and it also has a propane heater and water heater so that it is suited for extreme temperatures. 

This little Nugget can be yours for about USD$40,000 – could you make this your tiny home?

Millennial Tiny House - Katikati, New Zealand

Photos: Dream Big Live Tiny

Built by Build Tiny Limited in Katikati, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand, the  Millennial tiny home is marvel of modern tiny house building.   It has 190 sqft of living space and includes a sleeping loft and office loft too.  Enjoy the surroundings wherever this tiny house is by just opening up the large great room doors on both sides of the house. It also has full-size kitchen, tons of storage, and a bathroom with laundry area. One of the neatest features of this tiny home is the stairs in the great room. They slide in and out of the built in storage making the living space very functional.

This tiny home has sells for about USD$87,600.

Are you ready to go tiny in the Millenial?

Music City - Nashville, Tennessee

Photos: Dream Big Live Tiny

John and Sarah Murphy built the Music City Tiny House in Tennessee Tiny as an Airbnb rental in Nashville.  In addition to having hosted over 500 overnight guests, they have held several tiny open houses to show people the benefits of tiny living.

The 24′ Music City tiny house has large windows, hardwood floors, and a full kitchen with an apartment sized refrigerator, a farmhouse sink, a freestanding electric range, and butcher block counters. This tiny house has 204 square feet of floorspace on the main floor and two lofts each with queen sized beds. The bathroom has a shower, toilet and sink. 

The house is 204-square-feet on the main floor, plus there are two queen sized lofts. One loft is accessed by storage stairs and the other is accessed by a ladder.

Could you live tiny in Music City?

Could you go tiny?

Well here you have 6 different modern tiny homes to choose from. So could you go tiny? And if you could, in which of these tiny houses would you like to live? Share your answer with us in the comments section of this post. 


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