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6 Quick & Easy Decorating Ideas For Thanksgiving 


Thanksgiving is around the corner. If you are anything like me, decorating the house for the holidays, any holiday really, is not my strong suit. But you don’t have to dread decorating this year. Local florist Tye Gordon, from DGM Flowers, collaborated with Living In Oakland Park in putting together these ideas that will WOW! your guests from the moment they walk into your home. And a touch of imagination, these decorating arrangement ideas will have your visitors making plans to celebrate next year at your home.

Idea # 1 - Thankful Garland/Banner

This Thanksgiving garland could live all year round on your wall or cabinets. It will tell everyone who approaches your house how #Blessed you are, either way.

Craft this beautiful garland yourself of use the instructions here

Photo: Good Housekeeping

Idea # 2 - Wooden Thanksgiving Dessert Display

Bring the cake! Give your creativity the recognition it merits by placing your home-made desserts and treats on birch cake stands. Learn how to quickly create this beautiful dessert table by clicking here.

Idea # 3 - Fall Pumpkin Flower Arrangement

Combine your Flower Power with Pumpkin Power with this wonderful, dare we say “powerful”, seasonal arrangement. Need some help making this beautiful arrangement or want to bring it as a Thanksgiving gift? Head over to DGM Flowers in Oakland Park and Tye will be happy to help you put one together.  

Photo: DGM Flowers

Idea # 4 - Leaf Decoupage Pumpkins

Since you’ve put your Pumpkin carving equipments away until next Halloween, get imaginative by adding artificial leaves to pumpkin. To learn how to do this, click here

Photo: Porch Daydreamer

Idea # 5 - Apple Candleholders

Make one final trip to the grocery store and pick the most beautiful apples to turn into candle holders, while saving the other Thanksgiving pie fruits. Not sure how to make these? Click here for instructions.

Photo: My Garden Life

Idea # 6 - Thanksgiving Table Centerpiece

Family gathered around the table, food and stories to share, and the perfect finishing touch. Get one in time for Thanksgiving at DGM Flowers in Oakland Park.

Guest Contributor

This story was made possible with the help of guest contributor Tye Gordon. 


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