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Oakland Park Takes The First Step Toward Building Its Second Century


On July 1, 2029 the City of Oakland Park will celebrate its 100th birthday.  In anticipation of entering its 2nd century the City Commission has been working diligently toward preparing the City for its next 100 years.  Click here to read about how the City of Oakland Park came to be.

Part of the plan included the proposal of a $40 million dollar bond to city residents. In November 2018, with an overwhelming majority of 2/3, the city’s residents approved the bond. The approval of the City Bond and other funding pushed the City one step closer to the realization of its plan to Build for the Second Century. 

Out With The Old 

The City’s defunct and outmoded facilities will be demolished to make way for new facilities.

The Building for the Second Century initiative will demolish defunct and outmoded City facilities in order to make way for newer, more modern and more functional facilities. On the site of the defunct water treatment plant the City plans to build a new City Operations Complex.

This new Complex will include the City’s water, wastewater, storm water, solid waste, streets, parks maintenance facilities and fleet services. The City’s Emergency Operations Center will also be located there. 

In With the New

Other renovation plans include rebuilding all three fire stations, a new City Hall in Oakland Park Square, and a new library located at the Collins Community. In addition to being the home of City Hall, Oakland Park Square, a mixed-used project, will have 35,000 feet of commercial space, 87 apartments, 11 live-work units, and parking for over 300 vehicles.

Oakland Park Square will be the new face of Oakland Park as the City enters its second century.

Taking The First Step Toward Its Second Century

The celebration commenced with City Manager, David Hebert, speaking about the Comprehensive Facilities Project and all the positive changes it will bring to the City of Oakland Park. He likened Oakland Park’s revitalization to the era of Eugene Haussmann in Paris:

Haussmann built a new and modern Paris, and that is what we are doing in Oakland Park, building a new city.

After Hebert spoke, Vice Mayor Mathew Sparks, and Commissioners Jane Bolin, Michael Carn and Tim Lonergan spoke with great enthusiasm regarding the City’s future and sustainability in its 2nd century.

Once commentary concluded, Hebert invited attendees to witness the ceremonial demolition of the old water treatment plant. With sledgehammers in hand the City Manager and City Commissioners posed for a picture. In that brief moment the City took its first step toward building for its second century.

City officials launch the City of Oakland Park toward the building of its 2nd century. From left to right: City Manager, David Hebert, Commissioner Michael Carn, Commissioner Jane Bolin, Vice Mayor Matthew Sparks, and Commissioner Tim Lonergan.

Check out more pictures of the Oakland Park’s first step toward building for its second century.


3 Responses

  1. It seems to me that a lot of money is being spent with no focus on the salt water encroachment that is coming, and later sea level rise outright. The real estate values will plummet. But meanwhile everyone is building. It seems pretty mad to me. There is a second century for Oakland Park and it isn’t going to be pretty.

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