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City of Oakland Park: Bulk Trash Do’s and Dont’s


Recycling container trash on ecology and environment
Recycling container trash on ecology and environment

Bulk Trash Collection

The City of Oakland Park provides bulk trash collection for its residents. The city is divided into four zones and bulk trash is collected on either the first, second, third or fourth Monday. Zone 1 is collected during the first week, Zone 2 is collected during the second week, and so on. You get the idea!

If you do not know which zone you live in, consult the zone boundaries map below. 


Bulk Trash Do's and Dont's

It is not, however, always clear what we can and can’t throw out with our bulk trash. Below is outlined some hard and fast rules for bulk trash collection that will keep you in compliance and out of trouble with code enforcement.

It is important to note that when there are 5 Mondays in a month, on the 5th Monday bulk trash will not be collected.

Bulk Trash Do's

Tree branches are acceptable as long as they are less than 4 inches wide and no more than 8 feet in length.
  • Bulk Trash must be at least four feet from fences, solid waste bins, fire hydrants, cars, poles, etc. Bulk trash cannot be under low hanging branches or wires. Bulk yard waste and other bulk items should be separated.
  • Tree branches must be less than 4 inches wide and no more than 8 feet in length.
  • Grass clippings must be placed in bags.
  • Carpeting, rugs, and padding must be 50 pounds or less in weight.
  • Glass waste must be enveloped in newspaper, and secured in weather-proof containers.
  • Stereo and speakers.
  • Put appliances and metal items out separately. Remove doors from appliances so they are not a safety hazard and remove valves from propane tanks.
  • Bulk trash must be trash from the actual residents of the property.

Bulk Trash Dont's

Hazardous waste should be dropped off at an acceptable drop-off site.
  • Household hazardous or biohazardous/medical waste.
    Click here to see drop-off sites
  • Construction material or demolition debris, sand, dirt, rocks, sod or tree stumps.
  • No household garbage.
  • Auto or marine parts including batteries and tires.
    Click here to see drop-off sites
  • Things left in front of vacant properties.
  • Items placed an unacceptable distance from fences, solid waste bins, fire hydrants, cars, poles, etc.
  • Landscaping companies are responsible for removing all trimmings and debris from the work for which they were contracted.
  • Business generated materials.

Follow these simple rules in order to take advantage of and stay compliant with the City of Oakland Park’s bulk trash pick-up service.

For More Information

Click here to download an informational flyer about bulk trash in the City of Oakland Park.

If you have any more questions about bulk trash collection contact the City of Oakland Park’s Solid Waste Division at 954-630-4452.


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