Fire Destroys Warehouse in Oakland Park

Around 11 am Oakland Park residents were shocked and concerned as large plumes of black smoke hovered over the city. Many took to online sites such as Facebook, The Ring, and Nextdoor apps to determine the cause.

Over 100 Firefighters Respond

Oakland Park Fire Rescue responded to the large fire located at a warehouse business located at 4201 NE 6th Ave. Over 100 firefighters responded, some from neighboring cities, such as Fort Lauderdale.

The warehouse that caught fire was occupied a styrofoam manufacturer. Many witnesses claimed to hear explosions followed by an immediate power outage. Thankfully no injuries were reported, but extensive damage to the building did occur.

Cause Under Investigation

The cause of the fire is still under investigation, but initial reports claim the cause was likely electrical. The explosion sounds many heard were the propane tanks attached to forklifts on the property. Very close by is a propane business, so it was very fortunate that crews could respond and contain the fire before it spread to any nearby businesses. One vehicle was also destroyed, but many others workers able to move their cars safely away.
From a video posted on Living in Oakland Park Facebook group we can see the bulding collapsed completely.
The building is collapsed and completely inoperable. As of 3:00 pm, 6th avenue was shut down from Prospect to 38th street to keep the area free of traffic as crews continue their work. Approximately 14 employees were working at the time. We are happy to report there are no injuries to them or any Fire Rescue crew.

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Rhiannon Samoyedny

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