City Commissioner Tim Lonergan Explains How Oakland Park Can Benefit from 3Ps

Recently Oakland Park has researched the advantages of 3Ps and identified many positive opportunities. What is a 3P? It’s a Public-Private Partnership!

3Ps: How It Works

It’s when a government entity, like Oakland Park, and a private business partner to provide a public service or develop a public facility in a manner that divides risk, rewards, and responsibilities between the public and private sector.

Benefits include resolving growth and infrastructure issues and stimulating job growth. Challenges include unique regulations and contractual arrangements that require careful planning and legal oversight.

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Planning for the Next Generation

The Oakland Park Downtown Mixed-Use Culinary Arts District has for many years struggled to fully gain an identity and thrive. The goal is to become a mixed-use community where people live, work and play.

The expectations include increased local investment, community pride and community events with more walking and less driving. Local small businesses will thrive and offer services and jobs to residents and visitors alike.

If properly planned, the next generation of mass transit and rail will take us to neighboring cities and distant events.

Looking Ahead

The Oakland Park of days past left many with the impression of missed opportunity and lack of positive change. Investors were less interested in a city that had no active plan or vision for the future. Over the past decade, progress has been realized. Significant investment in the downtown is beginning to materialize.

As the Oakland Park Square 3P project moves forward, a new level of excitement is beginning. The contaminated property known as the Dixie Westside lots is being cleaned-up and new interest in the area is developing. Many of the small mom & pop businesses that struggled and were lacking the capital to fix-up their businesses are now remodeling as their financial futures look brighter. New businesses are moving-in and occupying the once difficult to rent store fronts.

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Oakland Park is ready to welcome progress. Downtown Oakland Park is being totally remodeled.

Getting Ready for the Future

We are community that appreciates our small-town feel! We also understand that some planned and responsible development is needed to make Oakland Park even better! Oakland Park is a wonderfully diverse and hard-working community covering just over 8 square miles with over 45,000 residents and growing.

Together, we will continue to successfully move forward into the future.

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About the Author

Commissioner Tim Lonergan believes in the importance of community involvement and service. He passionately works to help improve the quality of life throughout Oakland Park and believes that Oakland Park has the potential to continue to become a thriving South Florida destination, as well as an even more desirable hometown. Commissioner Lonergan is focused on helping Oakland Park become a more affordable, desirable, and safer place to live, shop, visit, work, and play. He is dedicated and determined to see Oakland Park move successfully and prosperously into the future and believes it’s important that we all work together to build a strong sense of community and pride throughout the City. Tim believes that together, we can and will continue to make a difference.

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About the Author

Jesus Felizzola

Jesus Felizzola

Dr. Jesus Felizzola is a Research Professor at George Washington University, Department of Psychology and he has more than 25 years of experience in HIV/AIDS and substance abuse research, workforce development, medical education, and cultural competency in the United States.

Dr. Felizzola has served as Principal Investigator of three HRSA/HAB-funded Special Projects of National Significance research initiatives conducted in the Washington, D.C and Miami-Dade County areas. He has served as Associate Director of two NIH-NIDA-funded R24 projects conducted at Howard University, College of Medicine and Florida International University, School of Social Work.

Dr. Felizzola accumulates a vast acumen in addiction medicine science inasmuch he serves as Medical Science and Treatment Advisor at Indivior, PLC, a pharmaceutical company dedicated to the research and development of medications for the treatment of the disease of addiction and its comorbid conditions.

Dr. Felizzola’s research interests focus on workforce and medical education in the areas of HIV/AIDS and substance abuse for vulnerable Latino populations, system-level factors impacting engagement and retention in medical and behavioral care, health systems factors associated with quality of care for minorities, and development of research and evaluation capacity in HIV/AIDS and substance abuse community-based treatment settings.

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