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Who are the Candidates for the Oakland Park City Commission?


The Oakland Park City Commission is made up of 5 elected members that represent the residents of Oakland Park. Each Commission member serves a term of 4 years and can serve up to two terms consecutively. This year there are 3 seats that must be filled and voters have 7 candidates from which to choose. 

Below, in alphabetical order is a list of the 7 candidates that will be on the ballot November 3rd during the general election. 

  • Steve Arnst
  • Aisha Gordon
  • Scott Herman
  • Grecia Rivas-Smith
  • Mitch Rosenwald
  • Matthew Sparks
  • Robert B. Thompson

Matthew Sparks, currently the Mayor of Oakland Park, is running for re-election to maintain his seat on the Commission. Sara Guevrekian and Tim Lonergan will be vacating their Commission seats as both have reached their consecutive term limits and are not eligible for re-election. Tim Lonergan is running for Supervisor of Elections. 

Choose 3 Candidates

When the election is held in November each voter can choose three candidates for the City Commission. According to Mayor Sparks, this has been a problem in the past. Many people do not know that they can vote for more than one person, much less three. So when voting, keep in mind to CHOOSE THREE!

Vote for THREE!

Let us know which THREE candidates you will choose by voting in the poll below. We will publish the results periodically leading up to the November 3rd election.  

Remember choose only THREE candidates. If you choose more your submission will not be considered valid.


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