The Hidden Benefit of Small Businesses Enforcing Mask Mandates

Covid fatigue is becoming a thing where we are all simply tired of hearing, worrying, thinking and focusing on the virus that has challenged the world in a way it hasn’t been challenged in over a century. Recently, we passed the 1-year anniversary of the first government responses and shutdowns to combat the pandemic. Vaccine […]

A Different Way of Looking at the Covid Vaccine

Misinformation will always be an issue we have to contend with in society. How many Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners broke out in heated arguments over politics this past year? Families who came together are divided based on the information they are getting online, on television, from friends and newspapers. Social media sites give us information […]

Free Webinars Help Provide Answers Regarding Health Insurance and Medicare

The start of 2021 finds itself riddled with questions as we try to catch up to what’s going on in our country. Investors with years of experience don’t even know what to do right now as stocks like AMC Theaters and GameStop are dominating the headlines and cryptocurrency has banks and governments rethinking their stances […]

Is Florida’s Leadership Missing the Boat on Legalizing Marijuana?

The election ended and the short and long-term direction of the United States has been changed. Whether you believe for the better or not, many were surprised that Florida was not in the midst of any controversy or voter conspiracies. It was a rare and quiet election for the Sunshine State, but was it a […]

What Does $15/Hour Minimum Wage Hike Mean for Small Businesses?

2020 has certainly been challenging on most people, but small business owners may be taking some of the hardest punches. The year has been plagued with a pandemic, major political unrest, a recession and debates on handling the pandemic, compensation for people out of work, financial assistance for everyone else, questions about medical care and […]

Ubii App Offers Job and Marketing Opportunities in Oakland Park

We all have skills that are useful in the job or career path we’ve taken as well as skills that aren’t as useful. Someone who sells insurance may be great at building something with their hands, but they felt that they could make a better living focusing on the selling insurance rather than trying to […]

Early Voting During COVID-19: Options, Tips, Homework & Plans

Since nothing in 2020 has been normal, why should voting be any different? Regardless of where you stand on politics, this election will undoubtedly be one of the most important and contested elections in recent history. How do we know? Early voting numbers are up more than 500% compared to this point last year and […]

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