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Larry Greenberg: Mentalist, Magician and Entertainer

“A little magic can take you a long way”, the beloved children’s author Roald Dahl once stated. Renowned magicians nurture our imagination, curiosity and interest by tapping into the supernatural with unimaginable tricks. We admire the magician’s seemingly effortless sleight of hand, quick witted card, dollar bill, lottery ticket tricks and optical illusions. Many of […]

Cross Stitch Cupboard: Embroidery Art in Oakland Park

Cross stitching and needlepointing are under appreciated and rewarding ways to escape reality and to brighten one’s home decor repertoire. It happens to be the oldest form of embroidery and people all over the world love to cross stitch. Right here in Oakland Park we have a store dedicated to cross stitching.  Nestled in the […]

Sarah Glass Ceramics: Be A Pottery Artist for a Day or More!

Do you remember the sensual, iconic pottery wheel scene with Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze in the 1990 movie Ghost? Moore plays Molly, a pottery artist and longtime girlfriend of Sam, played by Swayze, who is murdered as he discovers a drug money laundering scheme conceived by Sam’s nefarious boss Willy Lopez. Real life pottery […]

Mission Yoga: A Place for Everyone to Practice Yoga

Myth #1 – Yoga is only for people who are flexible or contortionists Mission Yoga, the peaceful, welcoming new non-heated yoga center in the heart of downtown Oakland Park, is the perfect spot to dispel misconceptions about yoga practice. The studio has been open since October 2021 and it’s located at 3400 NE 12th Avenue, […]

Spy Shops: Your Ally in the Search for the Truth

Spy Shop surveillance, nestled right on Oakland Park Blvd in Wilton Manors, has been a fixture in South Florida for 40 years.  It might seen like a Hollywood movie, where the guy suspects his spouse is cheating. Instead of hiring a detective, he decides to it do all by himself. He ends up at Spy […]

Leading by Example: Kimling’s Academy of Martial Arts

“Lead by Example” is the credo of Kimling’s Academy of Martial Arts in Oakland Park. Owner and black belt, Mr. Kimling exemplifies the qualities of discipline, motivation, fitness, accountability, self defense and respect for others that he has instilled in his students at his academy for the past 25 years in South Florida. Inspiration Becomes […]

Getting the Jump on Breast Cancer with Donna Tomey Barahona, Breast Thermographer

Malcolm Gladwell once said “If everyone has to think outside the box, maybe it is the box that needs fixing.” Do mammograms show breast cancer at its earliest possible stage of inception? You may be surprised at the answer. Mammograms are the gold standard for breast cancer screenings, but did you know that they only […]

Oakland Park Fire Captain, Dan Debrecht, Beats Fires and Beats Cancer

Firefighters are trained to fight fires. When they encounter a fire, they have to set fear aside, summon all their courage to face it and beat it, without any hesitation. But burning buildings are not the only kinds of fires that firefighters face. Sometimes life presents them with fires, fires that require that same courage […]

Healing Paws Center Offers Pet Owners an Alternative Approach to Pet Health Care

“No matter how little money and how few possessions you own, having a dog (or cat) makes you feel rich.” Louis Sabin Mr. Sabin’s words are eloquent and true. Pets are part of our family and provide unconditional love. Pet ownership comes inherently with responsibilities for the health and well-being of our four legged friends. […]

JSA Authentication Services: A Business Like No Other

Abdul Kalam once said “Success is when your signature becomes an autograph”. At James Spence Authentication, in Fort Lauderdale, tucked in the warehouse area by Lowe’s Home Improvement off of Oakland Park Blvd and Powerline Road, autographs are the sole focus of this unique business. Authenticating Over 4 Generations For four generations, the Spence family […]

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