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I Laugh Uncontrollably When I’m Nervous! [Ask Olivia]

I am 16 year old and a sophomore in high school. I don’t know how it started, but I have this problem that whenever I am nervous I laugh uncontrollably.In the last 2 years it has actually got me in trouble with my parents and teachers. It is not intentional, it is just that when […]

My Roommate’s Young Lifestyle is Driving Me Crazy! [Ask Olivia]

I am a 35 year old professional female. I am just launching myself into my career and beginning to pay off my student loan debt. Because I have these student loans I currently share my apartment with a young non-professional female student, one of my younger sister’s friends. We grew up together and I love […]

My Kids Have Been Mean to Me Because of My New Boyfriend! [Ask Olivia]

Dear Olivia! I am single mom with two teenage kids 15 and 17 respectively. I recently divorced and my husband kept the house and the kids live with him and stay with me during our visitation. I left this marriage with practically nothing and am starting over again at 48 years old. I have a […]

Quarantine with My Boyfriend is Driving Me Crazy! [Ask Olivia]

Hi Olivia, Since my live-in boyfriend and I have been quarantined together it has been crazy. While I am sleeping he wakes up and makes a ton of noise as if he were in the house alone. We have argued about this constantly and he just doesn’t get it. I am on the verge of […]

What is the Most Graceful Way to Let a Friend Go? [Ask Olivia]

What is the most graceful way to let a friend go? I’ve been bet supportive of this persons journey from the ground up with no mutual support. I’ve also given this person many ideas for their business. When is a friendship one sided and a loss? Renee Dear Renee, Good question and I think everyone’s […]

Dogs Won’t Stop Barking All Night! [Ask Olivia]

Hi Olivia! So I have a neighbor whose dogs bark at all hours of the night. What options do I have? I’ve asked the owner to try and control the dogs, but he keeps them out in the backyard all night. Any little noise or movement and they start barking! – Bow Wow Blues Virginia […]

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