COPNA General Membership Meeting Updates Community on Various Items

On Tuesday October, 26, 2021 COPNA, the Corals of Oakland Park Neighborhood Association held a general membership meeting. As the sun set on downtown Oakland Park about 40 residents descended on The Butcher’s Barrel on Main Street for the taco specials, cold beer and wine, and the get the 411 on what’s going on in […]

Bow Tie Kids: Using Pain To Help Others

If you had the opportunity to meet Karen Prescod today, the CEO and Founder of Bow Tie Kids, you wouldn’t guess that she had any struggles in life. But if you got to know her, or attended any of her public speaking engagements, you would learn about the struggles she had with chronic pain in […]

And Finnegan’s Wake Goes On!

If you happened to be at the corner of Oakland Park and Dixie Highway Tuesday evening, you might have noticed a large green crowd gathered around a hearse, and some very interestingly dressed characters. If you were smart enough to stop you would have witnessed the now world famous “Finnegan’s Wake” at Big Dog Station. […]

The Yard: Where Food, Nature and Eclectic Vibes Meet

To be perfectly honest, when my editor asked me to write this article, I didn’t want to and put it off for a month. I wasn’t being lazy, I was being selfish, and I admit it. It’s not that I don’t want people to know about an amazing place where you can eat anything from […]

Love in the Age of COVID-19

As if this year hasn’t been hard enough. Between a worldwide pandemic, a rollercoaster presidential election, and a record breaking hurricane season, you’re still single! The holidays are upon us and it would be nice to start 2021 with someone special. Love in the Age of COVID-19 I’ve had a lot of conversations with single […]

GUG Underwater Photography: Where Art and the Ocean Meet

In the wake of Covid-19, the closing of beaches, social distancing, mask shaming and probably watching too much Netflix, here is a fresh feast for your eyes and soul. Did you know that a world traveled, self taught, foremost underwater photographer has been making waves with his unique style for over 20 years, right in […]

The Wake Must Go On! Finnegan’s Wake Held Despite COVID-19 Concerns

On Sunday, March 15th, in 85 degree heat, as news stations across the world reported on the C-19 Virus, and orders for early closures for South Florida beaches were announced, a little corner of Oakland Park turned off the news and turned up the live band. For 16 years Big Dog Station, on the corner […]

Sorrow and Celebration in Wilton Manors – Mourning Mayor Justin Flippen

If you were in Wilton Manors on Friday night you could not have missed the orange cones stretched down the street, in straight lines like soldiers standing in salute; or the number of police cars surrounding The Venue event space that held over 1600 mourners attending the celebration of life for Mayor Justin Flippen. As […]

Poodles and Pitbulls and Rain, OH MY: 7th Annual Doggy Fun Fest

They say “Dogs have owners, and cats have staff.” In Oakland Park I would say that dogs have fans! On Sunday, February 16th not wind, rain or hail could have stopped hundreds of dog fans from going to Jaco Pastorious Park for the Seventh Annual Doggy Fun Fest! Two Legs or Four Legs, Everyone Was […]

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