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COPNA General Membership Meeting Updates Community on Various Items


On Tuesday October, 26, 2021 COPNA, the Corals of Oakland Park Neighborhood Association held a general membership meeting. As the sun set on downtown Oakland Park about 40 residents descended on The Butcher’s Barrel on Main Street for the taco specials, cold beer and wine, and the get the 411 on what’s going on in the neighborhood. A nice group with a handful of association members greeted attendees, sold raffle tickets to the nights goodies, and helped out with the agenda and it’s action items.

COPNA Discusses Various Local Issues

A noteworthy attendance was made City Commissioner Aisha Gordon, who networked with the group on local issues. Doug Weisz spoke about installing COPNA monuments in the neighborhood to brand the area more appropriately. The topic of changing the building code time frame from 7 AM to 8 AM, allowing a little more peace and quiet was widely agreed upon. Also discussed was putting three Little Libraries similar to newspaper stand throughout the neighborhood to enhance kids learning and maybe lessen the time spent on apps these days.

An example of a little library | Photo: Frank Polanco

John Albee of the Urban Farming Institute discussed the use of the space for almost nine years now as an agricultural site that residents can rent space from and create their own garden. The garden in open seven days a week, from 7 AM till dusk, and plots are only $89.00 per season. You can register for this through the City of Oakland Park. 

Another great use of the site is bee keeping through the Fort Lauderdale Bee Keepers Group, The Institute hosts several student projects and hopes to start offering classes again to the local residents next year if Covid stays on a decline.

Transportation and Safety

Peter Schwarz, from the City Oakland Park Community Development Department, discussed the strong possibility of a tri-city train stop that would accept intercity trains and possibly create transit that could go to and from Miami, West Palm and even as far as Orlando, and Tampa. Earlier this year the City became the winner apparent for the train stop after the FDOT announced its preference for Oakland Park.  While this project is still in its early phase, the City welcomes residents’ input.

Deputy Osborne from BSO discussed the importance of being vigil and looking out for our neighbor’s and each other. Identity Theft is on the rise all over, and he discussed a few simple things we can do to stay safe.

  1. Pull your credit report every year to be sure no one is using your name or social security number illegally.
  2. Do not answer spam calls, and NEVER EVER give any personal information out to anyone who claims to be from the City or government. If its official business they will reach you by mail.
  3. If you have RING or out door cameras, use them. They have thwarted several break ins.
  4. Protect your accounts, even your Amazon and Facebook. They are often the first things to be hacked in attempts to get more personal information from you.

There is an app you can download to your phone called SAFERWATCH. There you can report crimes, issues and shady circumstances in real time to get police presence involved.

The deputy also encouraged residents to reach out to him and BSO with their concerns or for more information on local developments.

Deputy Osborne shared that with SAFERWATCH in your cell phone you can report shady circumstances and get police involved esily.

Overall the meeting was very informative and broached many topics relevant not only to the Corals but to Oakland Park. You can find more information by going to the The Corals of Oakland Park Neighborhood Association Facebook or Instagram pages.


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