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Maggie’s Favorite Coffee and Bakeshop: Coffee, Custom Cakes, and More


Maggie’s Favorite Coffee and Bakeshop is a new coffee shop and bakery in Oakland Park that just opened in January 2023. They sell specialty coffees, soft drinks, wine, and beer, as well as sweet and savory crepes and sandwiches for breakfast, and lunch that are made to order. Maggie and her team bake fresh pastries and cakes by the slice as well as make custom cakes for all kinds of occasions and celebrations.

Magdalena (Maggie) and her husband Milan are from Eastern Europe and consider themselves to be a young couple living the American Dream. Before opening Maggie’s Favorite, they had both worked in restaurants, coffee shops, and customer service, so they have the hands-on experience necessary to operate a successful coffee and bakeshop. Between Maggie’s impressive custom cakes, their specialty drinks, and the cozy atmosphere, Maggie’s Favorite has everything you could ever want in a local coffee and bakeshop.

A Cozy Atmosphere for Coffee, Crepes, and More

Maggie’s Favorite is lavish with beautiful floral decor and a cozy environment that their regular guests love. Every wall is carefully designed with colorful flowers and floral elements. The shop uses a combination of rustic, industrial, and modern styles that make for a comfortable setting for drinking coffee, catching up with friends, or getting some work done on their free guest WiFi.

Maggie’s Favorite can also accommodate special events and occasions for up to 60 people. Patrons can rent out the cafe for private special occasions. They even plan to start offering catering in the future.

The entrance to Maggie's Favorite Coffe Shop and Bakery.

What to Order

Pulled Pork Sandwhich

Everything at Maggie’s Favorite is homemade and made fresh, including baked goods. Their best-selling specialty drink is the Lavender Latte made with a pump of lavender syrup and a shot of espresso, topped with creamy foam and lavender bits.

If you’re looking for something sweet to go with your latte, try the Lasagna Cake, which is baked with sweet meringue on the bottom, a layer of biscuit cake, a layer of homemade mixed berry jelly, and a layer of whipped cream on top. And if you’re looking for a savory sandwich to enjoy for lunch, try their best-selling Turkey Pesto made with turkey breast, caramelized onions, American cheese and pesto aioli. You can’t go wrong with their Cuban sandwhich or pulled pork sandwhich either – both are delicious!

Maggie’s personal favorite is the Kinder Bueno sweet crepe, which is a tasty fresh crepe lined with white hazelnut spread, Nutella, and chopped hazelnuts.

The menu at Maggie’s Favorite is truly unique and one-of-a-kind with homemade pastries and treats that you can’t find elsewhere. They also have plenty of variety to suit all types of different tastes.

Custom Cakes for Every Occasion

One service that Maggie is especially passionate about is her custom cakes. Maggie bakes and designs mouthwatering custom cakes for every occasion. While she started making custom cakes for family and friends, she and Milan merged the idea of custom cakes and coffee together to make Maggie’s Favorite the gem it is today. Maggie says that they “love making people happy and there is no better way than with a coffee and cake combination.”

Anyone who wants a custom cake can call the shop, message them online, or come in person to discuss their specifications. Maggie will spend time learning about what flavor(s) you desire, how big the cake should be, and how many people it will serve. She can even create cakes with different flavor combinations and is very flexible and accommodating with her guest’s cake requests.

For example, one of her favorite cakes is Nutella Raspberry. It is a decadent chocolate cake made with Nutella filling inside and raspberry filling inside of the Nutella filling! Fresh raspberries are served on top.

In addition to helping to craft the right flavor, Maggie is able to make cakes of all shapes, sizes, and designs. She has made everything from Paw Patrol and Mermaid cakes to ones inspired by Roblox and Sea World. With Maggie’s custom cakes, the sky’s the limit. Just come in with an idea and Maggie will help you out with the rest!

It's Not On The Menu But Will Keep You Coming Back !

Besides baking delicious goodies and serving savory sandwiches Maggie’s has great, no amazing service. From the baristas to the cashiers to Maggie and Milan themselves their service is top notch. Once you become a regular, Maggie’s will feel like a second home and it will keep you coming back.

Carrot Cake and Oat Milk Latte

Maggie's Grand Opening

At the end of February 2023, February 25th to be exact, Maggie’s was officially welcomed to Oakland Park. The Grand Opening celebration drew a large crowd. The City Commissioners were  in attendance and  they each spoke words of encouragement and welcome. After their well wishes, it was time to cut the ribbon. With the community gathered around her, Maggie took the large ribbon cutting scissors in hand. The crowd cheered in support as she cut the ribbon. Maggie’s was officially open ! 

Check Out Maggie’s Favorite

Next time you need your coffee fix or have a sweet tooth, skip Dunkin or Starbucks and support local Oakland park businesses by checking out Maggie’s Favorite located at 830 E Oakland Park Blvd Suite 101. You will be glad you did – Maggie’s is truly one of a kind !


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