Oakland Park Firefighters Bring Christmas To Family That Lost Everything

On November 30th, 2020 Kelli and Stephen Korman and their two daughters lives were changed forever when the apartment they were moving into caught fire. Just 25 days before the biggest holiday in the world they lost everything and did not know what to do or how they were going to bring Christmas to their […]

Shop Locally This Holiday Season with These Artists and Artisans

We’ve all been encouraged to shop locally for years. We know it’s good for boosting community economy. We know it’s typically a more environmentally friendly and sustainable option. We know it’s especially important this year in the wake of COVID-19. What you may not know is that hard work and surviving adversity are written into […]

Let There Be Light – and Sound!

This holiday season, you don’t have to go far from home to see – and hear – a spectacular light show. Right here in Oakland Park, Seth Jones and Alex Plaza stage a nightly extravaganza known as the JP Christmas Lights at their home on the corner of 42nd Street and 19th Terrace. A Passion, […]

Oakland Park Family Loses Everything in Fire

On November 30th, 2020, Kelli and Stephen, who just moved all of their worldly possessions into a new apartment in Oakland Park, came home to ruins. While Kelli was picking up one of her two daughters from daycare, her husband and mother-in-law phoned her to tell her news no one wants to hear. There had […]

Home Prices at Oak Tree In Oakland Park Reflect Market Reality

For over 20 years the Oak Tree golf course in west Oakland Park has laid fallow. Years ago, Pulte, the home builder, acquired the property and began to plan a new homes development, Oak Tree. Pulte’s initial plan for the 139 acre site included over 800 homes. That plan was shot down by the City […]

Body Found in Oakland Park

At 11:41 am today BSO received a call regarding a body found at the corner of NW 21st Ave and Prospect Rd. More specifically on the northwest corner of the houses in Eastland Cove just east of the new Oak Tree development. Several police responded to the scene and remained there for at least 2 […]

Local Couple Found Themselves In a Pickle, Decided to Make It Literal!

James, originally from New England, and Erica, a South Florida native, are the kind of people that look fear in the eyes and say “Boo”. The couple, like many of us, found themselves in a pickle once the pandemic hit. Stuck at home, out of work, they binge watched netflix and waited it out. Well, […]

5 Reasons to Go Solar

Homeowners of Oakland Park and surrounding areas, have you wondered about clean energy? If you’re like me, you’ve heard about the upgrades you can make to your home while helping the environment. However, what are the benefits for you as a homeowner? The obvious is clean energy helps our environment and planet, but what other […]

Las Chonitas Mexican Restaurant: As Authentic As It Gets

For as far back as our nation can remember, people have immigrated to the United States of America in search of new beginnings, opportunity, and prosperity. Thousands of people have traveled from their homes often leaving everything they’ve ever known behind. People have come here searching for opportunities for themselves, but more so for their […]

Stephen Neil: Violinist with a Cause

On Election Night, Stephen Neil became an accidental media star by doing what comes naturally—playing the violin. Dinner with a Twist Stephen, who divides his time between Wilton Manors and Greenville, South Carolina, was having dinner on November 3rd with his partner, Luke. Through the balcony door that opened onto Wilton Drive, they started hearing […]

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