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Christmas Angels Receive a Special Visit


They are quiet, they are unassuming, but they are every day angels. Let me introduce you to Angel Alvarez and Hunter Miller, the angels next door. 

This inconspicuous couple, fathers of three, grandfathers of two have some of the biggest hearts in Broward County. Seven years ago they started a charity called Christmas for the Innocent. Their goal was to bring happiness and joy to children whose families could not afford to make Christmas unforgettable. 

Their goal was to reach 50 kids the first time they went out as Santa and his elves. When they got to the Boys and Girls Club in Deerfield Beach they realized they had fallen short by over 130 toys. So the joy of giving was mixed with a bit of melancholy because some kids had to be left out.  At that moment, they made a promise that it would be last time any kid would be left out.

Ever since then Christmas for the Innocent has grown and people from all over the county now donate gifts. This year the Broward County chapter of ASTA, a travel organization, donated all the toys from their toy drive to them. And a motorcycle club, the Cartel Baggers, also decided to donate all their gifts to them.  

Read about how Christmas for the Innocent got started here

The Cartel Arrives

On December 14, 2019 during the gift wrapping party, Angel got word from his friend Gladys Lage, a rider in the Cartel Baggers club, that they were about to arrive. Hunter grabbed his drone and documented their ride to the house. Gift wrappers, guests, Hunter and Santa (Angel) headed out to greet them. 

With Christmas music blaring from their motorcycles they arrived with great fanfare and lots and lots of gifts. It was the spirit of Christmas, giving and sharing on wheels. It was a beautiful site to see and experience, a true testament to what a few can do for the many. 

The Cartel brought 80 to 100 toys, helping Christmas for the Innocent reach their goal of delivering over 600 toys to children these Christmas. 

These Christmas Angels are residents of Coral Springs, and not Oakland Park but their story is one that is inspiring for every community. And who is to say they won’t make an appearance in Oakland Park sometime soon?


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