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8 Christmas Classics Worth Re-Watching


Deck the Halls

In this Yuletide comedy Matthew Broderick and Danny DeVito are neighbors that go to war over Christmas. Broderick plays a small town optometrist, Steve Finch, who is known in town as the Christmas guy. His reputation is threatened when the obnoxious Buddy Hall, played by Danny DeVito, moves in across the street and tries to create a Christmas display that can be seen from space! Prepare to laugh from beginning to end as these neighbors duel it out in Deck The Halls. 

Home Alone

Imagine being left home alone during the Christmas holiday while your entire family goes to Paris?! That is exactly what happens to 8 year old Kevin McAllister in this all time favorite funny Christmas classic. Kevin takes being left alone in stride until he has to battle two burglars played by Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern. Kevin booby traps the house and beats burglars at his own game. Soon after he triumphs over the clumsy clique of thieves his family arrives from Paris. This Christmas classic’s antics never get old and will have you laughing over and over again. 

Four Christmases

We all know how hectic Christmas day can be between celebrating and visiting friends and family. But attending four Christmas celebrations borders on insanity. In this comedic Christmas tale Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon try to do just that. 

Vaugh and Witherspoon’s characters, Brad and Kate, an upscale couple, have an exotic vacation to Fiji planned for the holidays. They flee every holiday because they cannot stand to be around their dysfunctional divorced parents and annoying siblings. But when their flight is cancelled they are stuck home for the holidays. They plan to visit each of their parents and the result is series of Yuletide misadventures that will give you a series good laughs.

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

Christmas can’t get any more dysfunctionally delightful than this comedic Christmas class with the Griswolds. Clark Griswold, played by Chevy Chase, starts this Christmas calamity going out to buy a very large tree for Christmas. Griswold forgets his tools and he and his kids uproot the tree and take it home. 

After arriving with the tree, Griswold decorates his house with over 25,000 Christmas lights which the neighbors abhor. When his in-laws, and his wife’s redneck cousins arrive the calamities begin to multiply, leaving you with a reason to laugh throughout this classic National Lampoon Christmas Vacation.

Christmas with the Kranks

Luther and Nora Krank go big every Christmas for their family. One year their adult daughter joins the Peace Corps and wont’ be home for Christmas. Luther, played by Tim Allen, and Nora played by Jamie Lee Curtis, plan a Caribbean Cruise. They are shunned by friends and family for choosing to go away. As if things were not bad enough their calls to say that she is coming home for Christmas as a surprise. Nora tells her daughter the party is on and that is when the fun with the Kranks really begins! 

Jingle All the Way

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sinbad battle for a Turbo-Man, the Christmas present of the year.   A workaholic, Langston, decides this year he is going to make it up to his son by buying him a Turbo-Man. Langston’s wife Liz had told him to buy the gift weeks earlier but work got in the way. Langston goes out on Christmas Eve only to find that almost every store had sold out. Normally a master at terminating his troubles, Schwarzenegger’s character, Howard Langston is in for the fight of his life. The search for Turbo Man results in a rivalry between Langston and Sinbad’s character, Myron Larabee.  As the two dads duke it out get ready to laugh! 

The Santa Clause

Tim Allen’s character, Scott Calvin, stumbles onto Santa Claus on the roof of his house, startles him and Santa falls off. Unable to continue his duties Calvin finds out he must continue Santa’s work. Calvin later learns he is subject to the Santa Clause.  The Clause states that because he took over Santa’s duties he has to prepare to be Santa the following year. This Christmas comedy will pull at your heart strings and tickle your funny bone all at the same time. 


In this modern version of Charles Dicken’s classic “A Christmas Carol”, Bill Murray plays Frank Cross a  TV executive with a bitter taste for Christmas. Like Scrooge Cross is visited by a series of Christmas ghosts that work on helping him regain his Christmas spirit.

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