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Personalized Florida-Friendly Garden Gifts For Mom

Whether the mom in your life is a master gardener or just has a penchant for pretty flowers, consider celebrating her special day with the following Florida-friendly garden gift ideas that go beyond a simple bouquet.

The Fragrance Lover – Frangipani Plumeria

 (Use to add fragrance to homemade bouquets, essential oils, lotions)

Frangipani plumeria, great for adding fragrances to bouquets, essential oils and lotions.

A lot of moms appreciate receiving their favorite perfume on Mother’s Day, but why not bring the fragrance to her backyard?  This fragrant beauty grows to about 20 feet but with regular pruning, it can be maintained at about 6 to 8 feet in height. It’s drought and saltwater tolerant too.  

Boasting many shades from white, pink, yellow red and multi-color, you’re sure to find one in her favorite hue. Consider using frangipani as an accent in the garden rather than the main focal point, as frangipani are dormant during winter and fall.  

The Culinary Mom – Wild “Everglades” Tomato

(Use for soups, salads, stews and sides)

The Wild Everglades Tomato is perfect for soups, salads, sides and stews.

There are a few fun myths and legends surrounding this tomato.  Some claim it is a true Florida native, others suggest the seeds escaped to the Everglades to survive.  There’s even a tale about the seeds dropping here, as sailors passed Florida on their way to the Caribbean.  

While these are all fun theories, one fact is that these dime-sized tomatoes pack a flavorful punch that rival any grocery store variety. Easy to grow in a planted pot or raised garden bed, they are sure to produce many tasty tomatoes all year round.  

Adequate sun and regular watering are all that’s needed. Keep a close eye out for caterpillars, though, they love them too.

The Queen of Clean – Jade Bonsai

(Modern, Minimalism, Zen décor)

Jade plant bonsai tree, for the modern, minimalist, Zen Mom.

Does the mom in your life love neatness, organization, structure, and routine? Consider a jade bonsai.

Jade bonsais are a low maintenance option to get started with. The attractive succulent tolerates dry soil and average humidity and shade. Try visiting a bonsai supply store that can get you started with a bonsai and some basic tools that she will need to maintain it.  

Mom may also enjoy taking some of the classes that such places offer. From elaborate shaping techniques, to simple needed maintenance, she will enjoy the art of Bonsai for years to come.

The Granola Mom – Papaya Tree

(Fruit salads smoothies, add to granola and yogurt)

Papaya is perfect for fruit salads, smoothies, and to add to granola and yogurt.

While you can’t technically grow granola, crunchy moms will appreciate the health benefits of this tropical tree.  

Growing about 10 to 12 feet high, papaya fruit can grow 6 to 20 inches long and up to 8 inches wide. Great care should be taken with unripe papaya fruit, which should always be cooked. They are high in latex which can be very irritating to some.  Once ripe, however, this pear-shaped fruit is packed with lycopene, vitamins C and A, as well as fiber.

Keep the papaya tree safe from exceptionally cool nights and high winds. Consider placing this tree in a wind protected area where it will not be disturbed by wind and lawn equipment, such as mowers and weed whackers.

Keep on Growing!

No matter which type of plant or tree you decide to gift to the green thumb mom in your life, make sure to give her some simple care instructions.  You may also consider join a gardening class or starting a new garden together. Remember to take pictures to preserve these great memories. Mother’s Day is a celebration of growth, after all!

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About the Author

Rhiannon Samoyedny is a Florida native.  She lives in the Garden Acres subdivision of Oakland Park with her family. Her passion for horticulture started in high school where she took horticulture classes and worked in a garden center after school.  Her education continued by self-study and attending many local gardening classes and workshops. Her garden philosophy is to keep it as simple, native and as organic as possible.

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* is an independent publication, not affiliated with the City of Oakland Park.

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