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12 Sweet and Easy Mother’s Day Gift Ideas


Mother’s Day is Coming!

In just 12 days it will be Mother’s Day! It is important to do something special for all the Mothers in your life on this day. If gift-giving isn’t your thing, don’t sweat it.  Giving her a gift that matters is easier than you think. Below is a list of 12 sweet and easy ideas that are sure to dazzle her!

If you have a great idea of your own, be sure to add it in the comments section.

#1 Picture Gifts

Image and idea courtesy of LilyArdor.com

Years ago just developing pictures was a mission. Nowadays picture gifts can be made in just a few clicks. Pretty much any photo website has the gamut of photo gifts for Mom. So here are some ideas for memorable photos gifts that will tickle Mom’s heart.

  1. Photo Book. A photo book is always a great gift. You can make it extra special by adding text  next to the pictures that convey how special Mom is.
  2. Photo Display/s. Make a photo collage of some of your best memories or make a photo display like the one pictured above, or have a poster made or make a blanket or whatever else you can think of that she will love. Whatever you choose she will enjoy showing off pictures of her amazing family.
  3. Little Gift Packs. ZNO.com has some of the most tasteful photo gifts. ZNO’s Little Prints and Little Ice Gift Packs are original and sweet. Mom will love them!

#2 Homemade Home Movie

Another thing that is super-easy to make nowadays is a home movie. If you don’t have video clips, use pictures to create a movie complete with music, text and special effects. iMovie is a fairly user-friendly app, although a quick search on Google will reveal many more.

#3 Homemade Card

Mom will love anything you make for her as long as you make it with love.

If you have little kids, or if you are still a little kid inside, nothing melts a mother’s heart more than a homemade card from her baby/ies. As long as it is from the heart and made with love she will cherish it forever.

#4 Coupon Book

Mom’s Coupon Book at AnnaGaliano.com’s Etsy shop.

Give Mom the gift of coupons. I don’t mean BOGO or 10% off coupons, I mean coupons like : 1 hour of quiet time, 1/2 day off from housework, a spa day, date night, a foot massage, night off from doing the dishes, night off from making dinner type coupons.

Mom does a lot for everyone, doesn’t she deserve a few coupons up her sleeve for when she needs someone to do something for her? The only answer to that question is “Yes she does“.

Make the coupon book yourself and get creative with the coupons and the design. If creativity is not your strong suit, visit AnnaGaliano.com’s store on Etsy and buy a pre-made one.

#5 Create with Your Creator

Enjoy a day of creating and bonding with your Mom at ArtbyAng.org

Local artist, Angela Sebastianelli Rush, aka “Ang” is offering a special day of creating with your creator at Art by Ang on Saturday May 11. Ang will be facilitating different kinds of multimedia projects for you and yours. Space is limited so be sure to reserve your spot ASAP by calling or texting Ang at 954.822.5533.

#6 Make Her Perfume, Soaps, Candles & Lotions with Essential Oils

Make all types of beauty products for Mom with essential oils.

It is easy-peasy to make scents, soaps, candles or lotions with essential oils. You can buy the essential oils online at Young Living and quick search on the internet will turn up tons of recipes for cooking up all sorts of fantastic gifts for Mom.

#7 Make Her or Take Her to Breakfast, Lunch or Brunch

Make Mom a special breakfast or lunch with her favorite foods. If you make her breakfast, lunch or brunch not only is she getting a homemade gift, she is getting a much deserved break. She will love it!

If you are not the cooking type, Bulegreen Cafe Yard in downtown Oakland Park offers unique brunch selections and is now open on Sunday.

#8 Make Her a Gift Basket

Time Out Mommy Basket, idea and image courtesy of Jackie at iheartartsnncrafts.com

Want to give Mom a whole bunch of gifts? Mix and match the ideas from this post and make her a gift basket filled with gifts that will make her happy.

#9 Write Her a Book

While this may seem daunting it doesn’t have to be. You can make a collection of short memorable stories and share them with her in a homemade book. Ask your siblings or friends or family to contribute their anecdotes to make it extra special. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be from the heart.

#10 Bedazzle Something For Her

Most women love things that sparkle. Take something of Mom’s and jazz it up with some sparkle. If you are not crafty you can find lots of great hand bedazzled gifts on Etsy.

#11 Bejewel Her

Head to your nearest craft store and make Mom some jewelry she will love.

It doesn’t take much to put together a homemade necklace or bracelet, or something else she will love. If you have small children, have them choose the beads and help them make them. If you are a big child, choose items that are meaningful and include them in your piece. I repeat, whatever you make with love, she will cherish, so put your heart into it.

If you are not a maker, you can’t go wrong at Pandora!

#12 Give Her a Chickendales Dance

Surprise mom with a dance from the all new Chickendales from KFC.

Kentucky Fried Chicken is making it super-easy to put a smile on Mom’s face this Mother’s Day with a custom Chickendales video. Yes, the Chickendales are KFC’s version of the Chippendales, in case you are wondering.

To send mom this hilarious video just visit Chickendales.com, and enter her name and state. A video with Mom’s name will be generated and the Chickendales will dance for Mom and most certainly make her smile from ear-to-ear.

Happy Mother’s Day to You, Your Mom, and all the Mothers out there!

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