Alex Passakos: A Man Destined for the Night Life

When one has been in the world and career of hospitality for as long as Alex Passakos has been, a few pretty impressive things are bound to happen. Like getting restaurant dishes named after him, or even his own beer! Originally from the home of the Buffalo Bills, Buffalo, New York, Alex came to South […]

Be Better Than Yesterday at Battlefitted Gym

At a Big Box Gym, a person is “just a number”; a faceless member. Some members pay for the convenience of location, being able to come and go on one’s own time, and perhaps for anonymity. But if a person is looking for more than being an anonymous number and for a workout  experience that is designed specifically for them, then a small gym, like Battlefitted, is the better choice.

Artist Jade Maxx Brings the Ancient Art of Henna to Life

Art is everywhere you look. It may be inside a gallery. Classic paintings are found in museums and around historic landmarks. Art may also be found on city murals, and even in landscapes around our manicured cities. But art can also exist on the body. While tattoo art, by needle is very popular, let’s not […]

Boar’s Nest Saloon: More than a Biker Bar

We have all heard the saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. Looks can be deceiving, especially after first glance. First impressions can help us make our minds about something or someone in an instant. Living or working in Oakland Park, and using Prospect as a way to get around, you may have passed […]

Lacuna Design: Transforming Wood Into Custom Art

The dictionary will define “lacuna” as a noun and it is defined two ways. One definition is a blank space, or a missing part. The other definition is a small cavity or pit in an anatomical structure. Though Lacuna Design Studios’ name was inspired by an Italian rock band from Italy, Lacuna Coil, the name […]

Catfish Deweys: A Landmark in Oakland Park

Nestled on Andrews Avenue between Prospect Road and Oakland Park Boulevard is a landmark location named Catfish Deweys. For the last 36 years, at this very location, it has served Oakland Park fresh fish, like their signature item Catfish to be specific, and other delectable seafood items on their menu. As other seafood restaurants prepare […]

Feeding South Florida: A Long Running Helping Hand

The Coronavirus Pandemic, with restrictions, quarantine, and many unknowns, started for us in mid-March. But since mid to late April, three cities have partnered for weekly food drive in order to give residents of their city some relief amidst the chaos. Those three cities are Fort Lauderdale, Wilton Manors, and our very own, Oakland Park. […]

The Fort Lauderdale Children’s Ballet Theater: Passion Beats Pandemic

What is the true illustration of passion? The definition of passion is defined as strong and barely controllable emotion. But how does one show it? For some it can be through writing, art, music or any of many other forms of expression. In the case of  the Fort Lauderdale Children’s Ballet Theater they conveyed their […]

Las Chonitas Mexican Restaurant: As Authentic As It Gets

For as far back as our nation can remember, people have immigrated to the United States of America in search of new beginnings, opportunity, and prosperity. Thousands of people have traveled from their homes often leaving everything they’ve ever known behind. People have come here searching for opportunities for themselves, but more so for their […]

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