Foster Mom Takes In Baby Despite Threat of COVID-19

In the midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic, this story about new foster parent Kayla, stepping up to take in a child is just what we all need to have faith in our strength as a community. Kayla has been referred to as saint by Vice Mayor Jane Bolin, as an angel by Oakland Park Kiwanis […]

10 Educational and Fun Activities for Kids During Quarantine

If your kids are anything like mine, you have heard “I’m bored!”, “Can we go somewhere?”, and “What are we doing today?” about 237 times a day. Quarantine is a lifestyle change for all of us, but especially for children. Their routine is thrown off and they miss their peers. We have some awesome activities […]

Spiders: Our Eight-Legged Friends

What animal can you think of that has 8 legs and weaves webs? If you said a spider, then you are correct! Here in Oakland Park, we are lucky to have a lot of spiders around. You might say “Ewwww! I don’t like spiders. They are scary!” I am hoping that by learning some interesting […]

Oakland Park Kiwanis and Locals Team Up to Make Masks

During the COVID-19 pandemic, it is heartwarming to see our community band together to help people in need. The Oakland Park Kiwanis have joined forces with local families to tirelessly sew and deliver masks to medical professionals and essential workers. The Osman Family, Maritza Prince, and Sandy Melillo have dedicated hours of sewing to ensure […]

Free Meals for Seniors from the Area Agency on Aging of Broward County

There is no doubt that the Coronavirus has forced all us all to change the way we live for the greater good. There are many different groups that are highly susceptible to the virus. One of those groups are Seniors. As a result, simple things, like getting groceries have become high-risk for Seniors. Stepping in […]

DIY Outdoor Educational Toys: Sound Wall

We are music lovers in our house. My kids are always singing, dancing, or making their own instruments out of whatever they find! I decided to embrace the noise and take it outside where it’s more tolerable. Warning: this sound wall is a loud activity and is best played with outside!  Music as a Learning […]

DIY Outdoor Educational Toys: Mud Kitchen

My kids LOVE to get dirty, and guess what?! I let them! Not only do I let them, I encourage them. Playing in the mud is a wonderful children’s activity. It’s free, it’s healthy, and they are learning! They are working on skills like sensory development, creativity, and imagination. They are using different behavioral schema […]

Best Playgrounds and Parks in Oakland Park

We are very lucky to live in a town with such amazing outdoor play spaces.  I often get asked what are the best playgrounds and parks in Oakland Park, so I thought I’d share here with you my family’s picks for our favorite playgrounds and parks to visit in Oakland Park!  Enjoy Nature in Oakland […]

Scrubs2Go rides around Oakland Park. Look out for The Betty Bus!

Get Ready for Scrubs2Go! Laura Rhoades, a native Oakland Parker, is the founder of the new and innovative Scrubs2Go, a mobile scrubs company that she enthusiastically refers to as “the Uber of Scrubs”. Laura drives her big, pink bus – “The Betty Bus” – to doctor’s offices, veterinary clinics and hospitals. She parks right in the […]

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