10 Exotic Plants to Grow in South Florida Right Now

Exotic plants do not necessarily mean exotic locations and care are needed. South Florida has an ideal tropical climate which allows us to be able to grow a myriad of exotics. Many exotic species thrive in our highly humid and mild winters. These 10 exotic plants are well suited for South Florida life. Tacca Chantrieri […]

Wreck It Ft Laudy Smashes Its Way Into Oakland Park

The once sleepy plaza on Oakland Park Boulevard between 6th Avenue and Dixie Highway is now becoming a local destination. With the recent addition of Wreck It Ft Laudy, located at 830 E Oakland Park Blvd, you can now have a safe space to wreck items. From themed rooms, to corporate events, to 20 minutes […]

5 Cool Places in Florida You Probably Didn’t Know About

In the heart of Oakland Park lives an Instagrammer who uses the handle @TravelingJones. As the name implies he does get around quite a lot! In his travels, he indulges in photography and shares the results with his 15K+ followers on Instagram.  From the cats Leah and Carmen that he met in Royal Palm Park […]

DIY Outdoor Educational Toys: Sound Wall

We are music lovers in our house. My kids are always singing, dancing, or making their own instruments out of whatever they find! I decided to embrace the noise and take it outside where it’s more tolerable. Warning: this sound wall is a loud activity and is best played with outside!  Music as a Learning […]

Oakland Park’s 2019 Trunk-or-Treat, A “Howling” Good Time!

Halloween is a holiday in which kids get to dress up as their favorite character and go trick-or-treating. It used to be that kids would go from house to house knocking on doors asking for treats. In recent times kids don’t trick or treat as much, instead they trunk-or-treat.  But what is Trunk-or-Treating anyways?! Trunk-or-treating […]

How Much Do You Know About Halloween?

Halloween is American as apple pie. One of the most celebrated holidays in the United States it comes complete with its own set of traditions and symbols. But Halloween was not always so American. In fact, Halloween has been in the making for 1000s of years. Most people know that it comes from an ancient […]

CRA Launch: The Dawn of a New Era in Downtown Oakland Park

On October 3, 2019 the City of Oakland Park demolished the obsolete water treatment plant. At that moment that the City set in motion its plan to revitalize and renew itself for its second century. Since then the signs of change have been everywhere. If you live in Oakland Park, you see construction happening from […]

What Blue Pumpkins Mean on Halloween

Kids of all ages love Halloween. I mean what is not to love about it? They get to get dressed up as whatever their little heart desires and go around trick or treating, collecting tons of goodies that will last until the next Halloween.  When some kids grow up, they grow out of the trick […]

Oakland Park Passes Plastic Straw Ban

At the October 2, 2019 Commission meeting an ordinance to prohibit  the sale or distribution of plastic straws in Oakland Park was brought before City Commissioners for a first reading. The City Commission passed the ordinance by a vote of 4-1.  Commissioners Bolin, Carn, Lonergan and Vice Mayor Sparks voted in favor of the ban. […]

Dog Parks in Broward County

It is no secret that people in South Florida love their pets. And of all the pet owners out there many of them are dog owners. Dogs, long known as man’s best friend, require not only love, but exercise and interaction with other dogs. It used to be that the number of places that dog […]

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