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AQUI Bar + Kitchen Takes You On a Unique Culinary Journey Around the Globe

Authentic cuisine, cooked with the same tools and techniques as used in the culture of origin, can serve as an international escape without the costly plane tickets or itinerary. That was the inspiration behind AQUI Bar + Kitchens, a truly unique dining experience in the heart of Fort Lauderdale’s art and design district. Indulge in […]

South Florida Symphony Orchestra Reinvigorates Love for Classical Music

There’s a universality to music that transcends barriers like language and culture to touch and move us all. In a time of great division and tension across the country, that type of unifying love for music is invaluable. Maestra Sebrina Alfonso understands the moving power of music. Her entire life has been shaped by it […]

Chef Shashank Brings Nutritous Meals to the People with Sidewalk Chef Kitchen

Nutritious, delicious meals should be accessible to everyone, not just those who can afford private chefs or dietitians. Yet, affordability and convenience often stand in the way of eating the way we know we should. While fast food chains make it easy to grab a meal on the go, we know they’re not created to […]

Firefighters Benevolent Association Supports Future Generations with New Scholarship

The Oakland Park Fire Rescue Department works tirelessly to uphold the health and safety of our community, including providing fire suppression and advanced life support emergency medical services to the city of Oakland Park. Supporting that mission is the Firefighters Benevolent Association, a non-profit organization of 72 firefighters in Oakland Park. As an extension of […]

Active Adults Program Enriching Lives Through Fun and Friendship

For most people, staying healthy, strong, and active as we age is the ultimate goal. Countless studies show the benefits of maintaining an active lifestyle for your physical health, mental wellness, and overall well-being. Yet despite more Americans living to be 100 years or older, society continues to focus on and cater to younger populations. […]

Oakland Park Elementary Painted Rock Entryway Project Helps Beautify School

Elementary school is a time many of us look back on fondly. Memories of early childhood friendships, field trips, and the excitement of learning new things for the first time remain with us for a lifetime and help to inform our overall educational experience. That was certainly true for Coby King, a former student of […]

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