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Pete & Izzie are namesakes of a truly unique daycare and grooming boutique for dogs in Oakland Park. One of the advantages of a boutique-like atmosphere for your pet is not just exercising but pampering as well. Also, if you’re looking for a holistic approach when you bring your best friend in for a grooming experience, you need to look no further than Pete and Izzie’s named after the owner’s Beth Meek’s pets.

Beth Meek’s, the owner of Pete and Izzie’s, love of dogs led her to the concept of creating a social club for dogs. That is how the idea for Pete and Izzie’s Social Club was born. But from idea to reality, Beth had a lot of work to do. She had to eventually leave her job in corporate sales and become a certified professional groomer. Soon with lots of persistence she had all the pieces in place and her dream became a reality when she first opened the doors to Pete and Izzie’s Social Club. 

Special Needs Animals

Do you have a dog with special needs? At Pete & Izzie’s Social Club they will get all the attention they need and then some. After all, one of these adorable canines is a special needs dog and is the pet of the groomer.

Beth knows the importance of patience when grooming a pet as pets can be unpredictable and impatient. Dogs seem to tune into the emotion of a groomer and Beth’s love of dogs is apparent in how her furry clients take to her. They can feel she really cares about them and is a compassionate caregiver.

There are no cages and these special needs dogs, as well as other pets, are free to interact with other dogs. If your dog gets sleepy, he can cuddle in a comfy bed with some of his buddies beside him. Of course, all dog owners can bring their own dog’s cozy bed if they wish. Your special needs pet will thrive under the caring and professional atmosphere at Pete & Izzie’s.

Meet Pete and Izzie, Beth Meek's lovely fur babies.

Benefits of Pete and Izzie's Social Club

Pete and Izzie’s Social Club offers many benefits for your pet. Does your pet get lonely at home when you are not there? At the club your pet will feel comfortable and happy while waiting to be groomed. Your dog will be in a safe place in a new environment. He or she will make new friends and enjoy group walks outside.

Pete and Izzie – the dogs –  just love to socialize with other pets and have fun with them while they are waiting to be groomed. These sweethearts are always ready to make new friends and introduce them to their old friends as well.

Separation anxiety becomes a thing of the past as your best friend enjoys lots of cuddles. Like Pete and Izzie, your pet will learn from other dogs how to become a more well-balanced dog.

Nap time for Honey.

A Spa for Furbabies

Beth believes in a holistic approach to pet grooming. She uses different approaches to make furbabies feel comfortable, relaxed and loved. Owners can observe their best friend if they wish and seating is available.

On a typical day at Pete and Izzie’s dogs can enjoy a tranquil and relaxing experience in an environment where they are free to roam. Owners can opt to get their furbaby a true spa day with fun, health, and wellness and even have natural cosmetics such as nail polish and color for their hair! There is, however, a limit to the number of dogs and there are four different sections for dogs to relax.

Pet beds are available for naptime or just to relax. Dogs can go outside as well for group walks.  Beth knows how to get dogs acclimated to a new situation and prevent dog anxiety so, that they can really get all the benefits of spending a spa day at Pete and Izzie’s.

Services Available at Pete and Izzie's

In addition to grooming, Beth offers tidy-ups and de-shedding, as well as teeth brushing, de-matting, hair coloring, nail polish, and flea and tick treatments. All-natural and eco-friendly products are chosen.

Shampoo and conditioners help soothe away anxiety with their combination of oil, herbs, botanical, and fruit essences. There are two washtubs for bathing as well as do-it-yourself dog washtubs. Yes, you can bring your best friend for a relaxing bath with wonderful products and everything you need for a spa-like bathing experience that you can share together. Cleanup is a snap since Pete and Izzie’s will take care of that for you!

Shopping at Pete and Izzie's

Pete and Izzie’s sell many unique products for pets. Some of their unique items include a dog sling carrier, bohemian style, a rose pet tag for your female feline or dog, even a “Hello, my name is…” pet tag and a beautiful velveteen dog collar bow for your favorite canine companion.

If you are a dog daddy, you will just love Daddy’s Girl pet tag, also available for cat daddies. There is an adorable don’t stress “meow” pet tag, Checker Chew Vuiton Bone Toy and Dog Perignonn Champagne Toy, as well as a Pet Crystal Healing Package.

For pet mommies and daddies, a unique touch-and-feel book for stressed-out adults and a Pet this Puppy-a-Touch-and Feel book for stressed-out adults are available for dog parents as well. With the holidays fast approaching what better way to reward your furry best friend as well as yourself, than by shopping at Pete and Izzie’s Social Club!

Meet Owner and Groomer Beth Meek

Beth’s love of dogs led her to the concept of Pete and Izzie’s Social Club. It was quite a transition from the life she had as a wedding planner and working in corporate sales. Nevertheless Beth worked hard to learn the skills needed to make her dream of opening a salon like Pete and Izzie’s a reality.

Not a Chain Store

Pete and Izzie’s is an independent cage-less grooming and doggy daycare spa with a grooming experience your dog will love, just ask Pete and Izzie!

You can find the club at 3865 Powerline Road, Oakland Park, Florida 33309 (954-440-3445) 

Support them at Social Media at Facebook and Instagram.

Pete and Izzie’s: 3865 Powerline Rd |  Oakland Park, FL 

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