A native of Miami and internationally recognized nature photographer and conservationist, she is known only by the single name “Phoenix.” Some of her photographs can be viewed at “The Plunge Into The Arts Exhibit” in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea.

The exhibit will take place at the beautiful oceanfront Plunge Beach Resort. This exciting event will run for one month starting October 17th, and will feature the amazing photography of the artist.

This exhibit is the culmination of years of learning and perfecting her art. Below is the story of how it all began and how her life journey led her to create this most recent exhibit.

"Before the Storm"

Early Beginnings

Phoenix’s love of nature and wildlife began at an early age. While camping with her girl scout troop she was in awe of pink flocks of birds in flight. During a family outing at Yosemite National Park, she watched admiringly as her father took photos of the park’s natural splendor. This had an impact on the young artist as it instilled in her a deep love of nature.

Phoenix always felt a deep connection to the beauty of the natural environment. Spending time in the park with her father filled her heart with joy as she could see how the beauty of the natural world could be permanently captured on a photographic image, for all to see.

"Woodstork Landing Dance"

As an adult she pursued academic study at the collegiate level.  From artistic pursuits to philosophy, and Phoenix felt she was able to easily absorb things around her. Throughout her studies, she continued to observe nature while deepening her technical skills.  She later went on to inspire others and taught classes in Film Making and Television Production.  She even judged the Top College Year Book in the country.

When Phoenix began her full-time career in photographing wildlife and nature, she creatively explored the beauty of nature and captured nature in many different environmental settings. She was inspired by the works of photographer Ansel Adams and painter Winslow Homer. She combined this inspiration with what she was taught at the Hudson River School of Arts to develop her own style.

Her first solo exhibit was at Joe Picasso’s in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and since then she has continually grown as an artist, each year perfecting her art more and more.

Camera in Hand

Phoenix has experienced many life-changing moments while photographing wildlife and nature. She intuitively picks the right moments when subject and light come together. She finds the best light in the early morning and gets there before the sun rises. She also photographs from dusk past sunset to the blue hour.

"Loxahatchee Sunset"

Phoenix also takes photographs at night photographing The Milky Way at the Rocky Mountains National Park. She enjoys taking photographs a minimum of two times a week. Especially on weekends.

Her photograph “Rosie Pink Bird” by Phoenix evokes optimism and beauty in nature. the lighting effect really enhances the mood of the photograph. The vantage point really stands out and brings intensity to the image that works well in its setting. Phoenix’s photograph “Inner peace” by Phoenix uplifts your spirit and brings you tranquility and joy. The deep blue color of the sky contrasts beautifully with the dark trees.

"Rosie Pink Bird"

Raising Awareness of the Natural World

Phoenix believes in nature and its balance. She feels that when people see photographs of nature and wildlife in all their beauty they will be aware of the endangered habitats and species that we could lose if we are not careful.

One example of that is hemlock trees which were once disappearing (see Phoenix photograph “Disappearing Hemlock Tree” below) and are now being recovered. Phoenix’s photograph “Woodstork Landing Dance” was taken at a park in Delray Beach, Florida. Happily, the Wood stork bird has increased its nesting all over this park. Phoenix believes her photographs will inspire people to protect the beauty in nature and wildlife that they view.

"Disappearing Hemlock"

Phoenix's Many Hats

Phoenix was the president of the National League of American Pen Women, former president of the Society of Professional Journalists in Miami. Phoenix is a recipient of many grants and awards and is internationally recognized as an award-winning photographer.

She was selected to the Public Art and Placement Advisory Board in the city of Ft. Lauderdale and was asked to be the photographer for the Instagram page for the Friends of Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge. She served as vice president and professional Department chair for the Broward Art Guild.

Plunge Into the Arts Exhibit

Recognized as one of the 21st century’s foremost photographers, Phoenix will feature her exhibit “Plunge Into the Arts” of 18 photographs in the Gallery located in the lobby of the Plunge Beach Resort in Lauderdale-By-The-Sea.

Her exhibit will feature her photographs of the natural world. If you enjoy the beauty of nature and wildlife with all of its majestic wonders then the “Plunge Into The Arts” Exhibit by renowned photographer Phoenix is a “must-see”.

"Dawn's Early Light"

The exhibit runs from October 17th to November 20th, 2021. A free opening reception and open house with the artist will take place on October 20th, from 6:00-7:00 pm at 4660 El Mar Drive, Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, Fl. 33308. For more information, please visit Phoenix’s official website and Plunge into the Arts event page.

On social media, find Phoenix on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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