Fort Lauderdale’s Sistrunk Marketplace: A Food Court for All

Just outside of Oakland Park, in the heart of a very historic Sistrunk Boulevard, sits a new phenomenon. It is a myriad of choices all packaged up in a single space called Sistrunk Marketplace and Brewery. Sistrunk Boulevard is an extension to Oakland Park’s Andrews Avenue. Sistrunk runs East – West and contains much history […]

12 Businesses that Opened During the Pandemic

“In every challenge there is opportunity”. This quote is often attributed to Winston Churchill, the British Prime Minister, who stared Nazi Germany in the face and did not stand down until Britain was free. One can only imagine the difficult challenges that lay ahead of him as he sought to defend his country. But even […]

20 Restaurants That Went Out of Business During the Pandemic

When the quarantine was declared earlier this year everyone had to adjust. All of sudden our normal was taken away and we had to learn to do things differently. Eating out, which is something Americans do often, became impossible. We had to re-purpose our lives and many of us, due to Coronavirus concerns, began eating […]

Is Aldi Coming to Oakland Park?

To say that our community was upset when Lucky ‘s announced it was closing would be an understatement. After the news broke the question arose, which business will replace Lucky’s? Rumors swirled, and on the Living in Oakland Park Facebook group over 100 comments were posted regarding the future of Lucky’s store. Sprouts, Walmart, Trader […]

Uncertainty Continues to Grow Among South Florida Business Owners

Lately, there’s been quite a bit of uncertainty that surrounded South Florida businesses as they struggled to shift into the Phased re-opening plans proposed by their respective city official. Since its initial closure due to the Coronavirus pandemic, South Florida businesses were on track a couple of weeks ago to move into Phase II of […]

Find It in Oakland Park: #LiveLikeALoakl

On June 5th, Broward County Administrator Bertha Henry issued an addition to the Phase One opening for the County. You can find the details of the guidelines at the link at the end of this piece. In a nutshell, I can tell you that it still includes facial coverings, groups of ten or less, and […]

Lighting of Tomorrow: Triumphing One Project at a Time

Lighting of Tomorrow is a family-owned business in Oakland Park. It was co-founded on June 15th, 2016 by Rosa Vicent and her husband Anderson Zapata. They sell and install LED lighting services for both residential and commercial properties. While they have experienced great success it wasn’t all smooth sailing from the get-go, even though they […]

Local Businesses Reopen with Safety Measures

Oakland Park businesses have been given the green light to begin reopening for services. Some residents are sighing in relief and looking forward to eating meals away from their dining room table. Others are worried about risks associated with these indulgences. We checked in with local businesses to understand what changes and protections have been […]

How Businesses Have Coped With COVID-19

As residents across the nation are adapting to the new procedures that COVID-19 pandemic has brought, so are the residents and business owners of Oakland Park, who are slowly easing into the routine of a new normal. How does business not only survive but thrive during a pandemic? The universal answer is to be adaptable […]

David Bowles of Elite Home Staging Sees a City on the Move

When David Bowles and his husband were looking to move from Wilton Manors, they found the perfect house in Oakland Park. They saw the city’s connectivity and growth potential in the downtown area and decided it would be the perfect place to raise their family. It’s not like David was a stranger to the city, […]

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