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A Different Way of Looking at the Covid Vaccine

Misinformation will always be an issue we have to contend with in society. How many Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners broke out in heated arguments over

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FlockFest: A Charity for Charities

We all love going out to eat and drink. But what if you could go out to eat and drink and help support some great charities? Well, that is exactly what

Oakland Park Pets & Animals

Animal Aid: A Haven for Cats and Dogs

Upon walking through the door of Animal Aid at 571 NE 44th Street (Prospect Road), the first thing you notice is a large cage full of kittens: gray ones,

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The Hidden Benefit of Small Businesses Enforcing Mask Mandates

Covid fatigue is becoming a thing where we are all simply tired of hearing, worrying, thinking and focusing on the virus that has challenged the world in a

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Drink Bottles Become Vintage-Like Gifts at Wesley’s Wicks

At only 20 years old, Wesley Silverstein has created a successful business that supports him, his customers, and our planet! Wesley’s Wicks is the name of

Art Decoration Food Lifestyle Oakland Park Painting Restaurants

Dining with the Stars: The Mural at La Empanada Loca

When artist Steven Nunez ​and wife Lillian Martinez Nunez decided to move to South Florida from New York, it wasn’t because Steven loves wildlife and

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