Early Voting During COVID-19: Options, Tips,

Since nothing in 2020 has been normal, why should voting be any different?

Animal Aid: A Haven for Cats and Dogs

Upon walking through the door of Animal Aid at 571 NE 44th Street (Prospect


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Florida’s 14 Day Disaster Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday Starts May 28

On May 6, 2022 Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis, signed into law House Bill 7071, the largest tax relief package in Florida history.  An important part of

15th Annual Oktoberfest in Oakland Park

A Royal Wedding Gives Rise To A Cultural Tradition On October 12, 1810 Crown Prince Ludwig of Bavaria married Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen. To

12 Sweet and Easy Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Giving Mom a gift that matters is easier than you think. Visit and check out the list of 12 sweet and easy ideas that are sure to

Local Artist Opens Art In Oakland Park

Growing Up in Oakland Park Angela Sebastianelli Rush was born at Holy Cross Hospital and has lived in Oakland Park her entire life. Angela is an only child

Help Teen Alliance of Oakland Park Support Students And Teachers

The Teen Alliance Project The Teen Alliance Project is a non-profit organization founded by local Oakland Park resident Coby King. Its mission is to create

Oakland Park Passes Plastic Straw Ban

At the October 2, 2019 Commission meeting an ordinance to prohibit  the sale or distribution of plastic straws in Oakland Park was brought before City

Artists with Autism: A Place that Celebrates and Mentors Talent for those on the Spectrum

There exists no exact accurate depiction for an autistic artist, let alone an autistic individual. Autism falls under a broad spectrum, although such

2022 Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary Art Fair: Bringing Art From Around the World to South Florida

The 2022 Palm Beach Modern and Contemporary Art Fair 5th edition was held at the Palm Beach County Convention until March 27th. The fair brings world class

St. Patrick’s Day Fun In and Around Oakland Park

Want to start off St. Patty's Day with a good ol' Irish funeral? Read this article to find out where you can find the fun in Oakland Park.

Memorial Day: Remembering Veterans And Their Never Ending War

For soldiers and veterans who have experienced war, it certainly is hell. But the hell that they survive does not end when they come home.

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