Oakland Park Utility Boxes Beautified with

Thank you Oakland Park for keeping up with times and becoming an art

Dining with the Stars: The Mural at La

When artist Steven Nunez ​and wife Lillian Martinez Nunez decided to move


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Northeast High School Wins Samsung Solve for Tomorrow Contest

Northeast High School was selected from thousands of nationwide entries for Samsung Solve for Tomorrow contest. The annual competition is designed to

Buying a Home? Learn the Importance of a Pre-Approval

Buying a home can be a daunting task. For most of us, a home purchase represents the largest financial transaction we’ll ever undertake. And a house is not

Oakland Park Fire Captain, Dan Debrecht, Beats Fires and Beats Cancer

by Dr. Beth Cooper | Firefighters are trained to fight fires. When they encounter a fire, they have to set fear aside,

Allied Kitchen & Bath Teams Up with Mission United to Help Veterans

During a week when our country is debating impeachment hearings, and the 54th Super Bowl, several local organizations put all differences aside and came

Feeding South Florida: A Long Running Helping Hand

The Coronavirus Pandemic, with restrictions, quarantine, and many unknowns, started for us in mid-March. But since mid to late April, three cities have

5 Renovations that Will Add Value to Your Home

If you own a home at some point you will most likely consider renovations. When doing so it is important to consider which ones to do because not all

Is Another Foreclosure Wave Coming?

In short, there is a very high possibility we will experience another wave of foreclosures. Although it won’t be the same as the Great Recession of

Fat Tap Market: Together Again, and It Felt so Good!

It was a beautiful Sunday with the sun shining and a breezy 88 degrees outside for our maiden Fat Tap Market held in the vast Fat Tap Bar Beer Bar &

Loneliness: An Epidemic of Deadly Proportions

Humans beings need each other. This is a concept that was true in the past, is true today and will remain true in the future.  Ghengis Khan was

Lashism: The Art of Long Beautiful Lashes

Lashism is a distinctive eyelash extension system, technique, philosophy and artistic movement. Rie Fujita “Mia”, Owner Lashism People have

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