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Oakland Park Resident, Chantelle Iacone, Donates Hair for Wigs for Cancer Patients

Cancer is a devastating disease, and the side effects of treatment make recovery an exceptionally challenging process for those affected. One of the most common side effects of chemotherapy, a widely-used cancer treatment, is hair loss. In fact, up to 65% of chemotherapy patients experience chemotherapy-induced hair loss. Although chemotherapy-induced hair loss is
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Mission Parkour Academy Brings the First Parkour Gym to Oakland Park

Whether you have kids who are on YouTube or you watch videos there yourself, you’ve probably seen those thrilling videos of skilled individuals jumping from one rooftop to the next. This popular sport is called Parkour, but Parkour isn’t just designed for thrill-seekers. According to Gabe Sage, one of the owners at Mission Parkour Academy, […]

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