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Docking Bay-94 South Florida’s Treasured Game and Comic Shop


Docking Bay-94 is an independently owned comic and game shop in Coconut Creek, Florida. They carry older and new comics, graphic novels, gaming cards, board games, toys, and memorabilia. I had the pleasure to interview their owner John Miller, who explained how this small local shop became a long-lasting South Florida treasure.

Launching of Docking Bay-94

John Miller bought Docking-Bay 94 in 1998. The shop had previously belonged to another chain of stores and had different owners. When John Miller took over, a Renaissance of Nerddom was about to begin. Some people say 1999 was the year nerd culture started to take over the world.

Indeed 1999 was an exciting time for fandom. That year, The Matrix revolutionized sci-fi, and Episode 1 of Star Wars was also released.

The card game Pokemon hit North America, causing an explosion of popularity on card-trading games. There was also an “Anime Boom” in the late 90s through the early 2000s, when animes such as One Piece, Pokemon, Naruto, and Bleach came to American screens. The Western world embraced a growing “otaku” and nerd culture during this time. 1999 shot Docking-Bay into the stratosphere, and John Miller, a lifelong comic and nerd enthusiast, was happy to lead the overflow of excited new fans’ needs.

Today’s Nostalgic Fandom

Today, it has been nearly 25 years since John Miller bought Docking-Bay 94. A lot has changed from the late 90s to now. There’s a whole new collectible market for comics, gaming cards, and graphic novels. 2021 has one thing that keeps drawing younger and older fans into the world of nerddom, and that is nostalgia.

People are opening their baskets of comics and toys that were perhaps collecting dust. Fans are revisiting some of the movies that came out when they were small children or not even born yet. New comic book artists are emerging who are creating fantasy worlds of their own. Netflix has shows like The Umbrella Academy, Stranger Things, and The Witcher, which draw in a whole new market of fans.

These are some of the items and services that Docking-Bay 94 offers. No matter what you are into, they have many things to keep you entertained!

As Much Comics as You Please

Docking Bay 94 has all different types of comics in-store and ones available with their subscription service. These comics and graphic novels include classics like DC and Marvel, funny comics, sci-fi, fantasy, adult, and all kinds of manga. Their owner John Miller and staff are also experts on more underground and less mainstream titles. They love to feature new writers and artists, and you can start collecting the beginning of great titles that will grow in popularity and value as time moves forward.

Not sure what kind of comics you like? Do you want something fantasy-oriented? Or what about something scary? Are you obsessed with superheroes? John Miller will suggest the perfect title for you. Many of his customers remark on how he brought them to a new comic book series. The owner knows his customers and suggests some awe-inspiring titles.

Only have $1? Docking-Bay 94 also has a massive selection of $1 comics! There are bins and bins of $1 comics to browse through. These comics are in good condition and contain many fan favorites like X-Men and Superman. Interested in subscribing to a particular series, they has its very own in-house subscription service!

Docking Bay-94’s Subscription Service

Docking Bay-94’s subscription service is easy, fun, and convenient. With this service, you can add titles as soon as they come onto the shelves. If the customer gets thirty or more monthly comics, they get twenty percent off. Some of the most popular subscription titles include classics like Batman, Superman, and The Amazing Spider-Man.

Comics and graphic novels can be picked up in-store or shipped to their customer. For more information on payment for this service and further information, please call the store at 954-427-1694.

Gaming Gone Wild

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, gaming sales have gone up. “People are looking for more things to do while at home”, John Miller remarked. 2020 ushered in a new era for games and comics, drawing in both old and new fans. People were getting bored at home and they were running out of things to watch, and that went gaming went wild. People flocked to the games especially Docking Bay-94’s  most popular titles Pokemon, Magic, Dungeons and Dragons, and Warhammer. They even have a wide selection of board games for you to explore your competitive or cooperative side. 

Support Local

So whether you are an old or a new fan, check out Docking-Bay 94. They are a locally owned independent business that attracts all types of customers. “You never know who is going to walk in that door”, John Miller said. The shop has attracted many famous comic artists who have randomly popped in look at their selections.

Docking Bay-94 has all of the things you need to keep you entertained. If you want to find old or new comics in any genre, manga, board and card games, or toys, they have the thing to keep you entertained and have your imagination stimulated! You can check them out at

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Dockin Bay-94: 7710 NW 56th Way, #100 | Coconut Creek, Fl

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