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Big Mike’s Baking Company “Always Gluten-Free”


Big Mike’s Gluten-Free bakery provides fresh baked goods and food for customers looking to eat healthy while still satisfying their taste buds. Everything is made from scratch, using ingredients that are fresh and organic. Chef Mike has keen attention to spice, flavor, and seasonal freshness.

The entire kitchen is gluten-free, which means there is zero cross-contamination, making this independent business entirely safe for those with Celiac Disease. Even if you do not adhere to a gluten-free diet, there are many delicious things to try that will tantalize your palate.

Chef Mike bakes daily delicious soft and fluffy desserts, flavorful bread and muffins, and some of the best cupcakes around! He also prepares many delectable and savory food items made with fresh spices from all around the world.

Baking from the Heart

Michael Hopkins Sr. (aka Big Mike) is the owner and executive chef at Big Mike’s Gluten-Free Bakery. He grew up in the Carolinas and was first introduced to country cooking by his grandmother. She kept young Mike in the kitchen beside her, and he fondly remembers the delicious pies that she would make from scratch. These memories motivated the future pastry chef to take home-ec in high school.

Michael grew up with a sister that he was very close to and loved dearly. At the age of twelve, she developed Crohn’s disease. For most of his life, his sister was sick.

The future pastry chef grew up big and tall, and friends and family nicknamed “Big Mike.” He was athletic and loved to play football. As an adult, he managed and owned several Harley Davidson and car dealerships.

When his sister passed away seven years ago, Big Mike felt a calling to work on recipes in hopes of healing people with digestive issues, like his sister. He was diagnosed with Celiac disease in 2010. He started to dream of recipes and felt a spiritual calling to open up a bakery to honor his sister’s memory. Big Mike wanted to give back to the community and help those who suffered from food intolerances.

Cinnamon Raisin drizzled with organic wild flour Maple Syrup.

Trying Out Recipes

Big Mike got to work in the kitchen, trying out different types of flour blends. When he was first determined to start a bakery, he did not yet have a name for his business. Every night, Mike would dream of ways to bake gluten-free items without compromising taste or texture. Eventually, he developed his own unique gluten-free flour blend that created perfect results every time!

He decided to try out his recipes with different groups of people! When he introduced his recipes to an older group of churchgoers, he met one older woman that would say something that would change the course of life.

The senior church member told Mike that she loved his food. She was happy that he offered both gluten-free and vegan options since she had to adhere to a specific diet. He thanked her, and the woman then asked Mike what the name of his business was.

Big Mike's Bakery is Born

He told her that not have one at the time. She observed he looked like a pretty big guy. This observation made Mike laugh, as he told her his childhood nickname was Big Mike. The wise and funny 90-year-old woman said plainly, “Well, that’s your business name, Big Mike’s Gluten-Free Bakery.” From there on out, the rest is history in the making!

Sweet and Savory Treats

Big Mike is a self-proclaimed foodie! He loves all kinds of food, especially Italian and Caribbean food, and any dessert. His unique flour blend and use of spice allow customers to enjoy their carb-rich favorites such as pasta, bread, and cookies without even knowing the difference. For those who want to limit their carbs, he has a ton of Keto options as well. You can be keto and still enjoy bread, muffins, dessert, and more if you go to Big Mike’s Gluten-Free Bakery. There are many vegan options too. Everything is custom made, and you can ask Big Mike to make your favorite dish vegan or keto, and he will be sure to deliver your favorite menu items without you breaking your diet.

These are some of the items that Big Mike bakes and cooks. He cooks and bakes all items using the best natural and preservative-free ingredients. You can truly taste and feel the freshness in every delectable bite. The best way to get your favorite treats the way you like would be to place an order 48 hours in advance. Big Mike can customize any dish, whether you want it to be vegan, keto, sugar-free, or to your specifics. His specialty is catering to different dietary needs without compromising any taste or texture issues!

Gluten-Free Cakes and Cupcakes

The sky is the limit on the types of cakes and flavors he offers. Some highlights include a rich and decadent German chocolate cake. He also has a creamy and delicious New York cheesecake. Cupcakes come in all different types of flavors and sizes. Whether you are craving red velvet or something fruity like strawberry or blueberry cupcakes, Big Mike can make it for you, even vegan and keto cakes and cupcakes! Everything is gluten-free and made fresh to order Big Mike also makes custom cakes and provides catering for all types of special events from weddings, birthdays, bar mitzvahs, quinceañeras, and more.

Carrot gluten free cupcakes are a true treat made with organic carrots, fresh spices and lots of love.

Bread and Muffins

Don’t worry about giving up bread if you follow a gluten-free lifestyle. Big Mike makes all kinds of gluten-free muffins and bread, from Cinnabon, challah, banana-blueberry muffins, and more! Is your mouth watering yet?

Like many of the other options Big Mike bakes, all bread and muffins can be made keto or vegan. 

The Future is Healthy and Flavorful

If you would like to place an order give Big Mike a call at 954-952-3100. Everything is made fresh, and while healthy, flavor is not compromised. All items can be shipped to other states. Please note that shipping depends on shelf-life.

Big Mike is opening soon a full gluten-free sit-down restaurant, kitchen, and bakery in Coral Springs. Be sure to check his website and social media (Instagram and Facebook) for the most up-to-date information!

Big Mike’s Baking Company: 5651 Coral Ridge Dr | Coral Springs, FL


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